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  1. No I wouldn’t, but I deal with things completely different than her, I’ve a very stressful job which she knows about and she just has this way of completely relaxing me I don’t know how to explain it. She seems to be a lot better today as she reached out to me a couple of hours ago, giving her space works! But I understand your comment and I appreciate it
  2. Thank you! I’m a man so I’ve no idea what women are going through, as I keep saying giving her space when she’s like this WORKS! It honestly does, anytime she’s been in a mood I let her cool off and then we clear the air if we feel the need too..
  3. I just gotta let her be her. The worst thing to do is to keep asking her is she ok that’s the complete opposite of what I want. If I think it’s something more serious I’ll bring it up to her, but I genuinely don’t believe for now it’s a mental health issue. I will keep you updated of course they’re some great people on here!
  4. She does tell me how she feels? I’m not comfortable revealing that type of stuff online.. people deal with stuff differently I suppose.
  5. Thank you for your reply! Yes I learned the hard way last time! Yeah I got to be honest she’s not very nice to talk too when she’s in a mood haha
  6. I also don’t want to keep asking her if she’s okay.. when she’s in a mood she absolutely hates that strange I know.
  7. No I haven’t, and tbh I don’t want to invade her space if she’s feeling down etc, she knows I’m here for her if she needs to talk. I hate seeing her in a mood it’s strange for me cause one minute she’s fine but the next she’s down but as far as I know that’s PMS and women experience it differently, plus she probably dosent want to discuss it, last month I was able to keep her amused and take her mind off it but unfortunately this time nothing works. Thank you for your reply
  8. The mood swings happen one or two days a month, it’s not happening all the time. Sometimes her mood swings aren’t as bad as other times. I think your reply is the closet thing to what she’s experiencing, and as a man unfortunately I can’t relate to PMS I just let her be, she’s still abit meh atm. But thank you for your reply!!
  9. She told me herself she’s in a mood yesterday morning when we last spoke, so I told her if she needed to talk I’m here, she didn’t want too so I just leave her be and let her deal with it.
  10. Thank you for the reply! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! I just let her be until she’s ready to talk
  11. Thank you for your reply! As I said previously everything has been great in the relationship since last time 3 months zero issues. I was just looking for advice on if I’m handling her mood swings in the correct way that’s all. I think you’re jumping the gun saying she’s not in to me because if she wasn’t she’d be long gone. She just gets very bad mood swings sometimes and one day she absolutely loves then a couple of hours later absolutely hates me that’s the best way to describe it.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I’ve learned from my past mistakes, everything has been great since! I was just curious to know if I’m doing the right thing and judging by replys I am by just giving her space to cool off.
  13. Yes this is exactly how she is, just sits in her room in a mood which idm she deals with stuff differently I’ve accepted that.
  14. Mood swings are a common thing. I’m just looking for advice on how to deal with it if I’m not doing it correctly. Not been diagnosed with anything as far as I’m aware. We are in a great place atm I’m just curious to know how others deal with this.
  15. Going strong atm. In a good place! Just dealing with her mood swings and making sure I go about it the correct way.
  16. So, I decided I’d come on here and just get some advice on how to deal with my gfs mood swings. Most of the time I can deal with her and I just give her space for a couple days, her mood swings vary month by month, example last month she was okay and still the same bubbly personality great! But this month she completely different, dosent want to talk at all, I told her if someone was up she could talk to me.. she didn’t want to which is fine by me. I just want some advice or just some confirmation I’m doing the right thing? I know us men don’t fully grasp women’s mood swings and struggle to know why they even happen. Any comments are appreciated.
  17. Believe me I wouldn’t act upbeat I’d actually be very annoyed if it takes her that long. Do you think her never having a relationship is effecting her and she just dosent know how to communicate her feelings or is scared she’ll hurt me? She’s told me stories about cutting ppl out of her life completely then taking them back that’s not what I want. I feel I can air things out while she can’t and this to me is an issue on her part.
  18. I’m not saying I’m gonna wait 2 weeks for her to reply that’s just ignorant. I can accept a few days even until the weekend. I’d just like to clear the air and if that’s it so be it, I’ll move on to someone better. I hope she isn’t this immature because that’s a complete turn off and I get she’s upset hopefully with a few days of no contact she’ll be calm enough to talk about it.
  19. I’m scared that if it goes to long it’ll be over but if I text too soon she’ll block me. It’s easier to ignore someone rather than talk.
  20. Yes this is the first argument we’ve properly had. I’m just struggling to understand how distant she has become in a matter of days. She can stubborn and she’d rather not talk if she thinks it’ll be an argument. When you go from free flowing conversation and happiness to absolutely nothing it hurts.
  21. What do I do if a week passes and she dosent reply? Should I just text her as normal or just wait for her. I just want this to blow over now and completely forget about it.
  22. Thank you for the upbeat response. I hope she replies whenever that is I hate knowing I’ve done something to her. I’ll stay positive dont worry. It’s hard to go from such a go place to zero communication in 2 days.
  23. Okay maybe I’ll give it to the weekend instead? I just don’t want her to feel like she can’t escape me and I’m everywhere that’s not me. Then I’ll actually feel like I’m suffocating her with messages. I really like her and I don’t want to lose her over something stupid, I’m also not angry with her just confused with how she’s choosing to deal with it. But everyone is different.
  24. We have so much in common though? I’m not going to start listing them all out but we get on great most of the time. She’s lovely and we bounce off eachother and conversation always flows. This is like the first proper bump in the relationship and she’s never been this distant ever. I keep saying I give her space and I don’t text her 24/7 that’s not healthy, I crossed the line at the weekend.
  25. It’s been like 2 days I’m not overly worried with no contact for that length I think that’s pretty normal in a relationship. If she really wanted to end this I genuinely believe she say it but I could be wrong but I gotta give her space that’s only fair for her as I said she has university work and finals very soon she dosent need me to be badgering her.
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