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  1. Believe me I wouldn’t act upbeat I’d actually be very annoyed if it takes her that long. Do you think her never having a relationship is effecting her and she just dosent know how to communicate her feelings or is scared she’ll hurt me? She’s told me stories about cutting ppl out of her life completely then taking them back that’s not what I want. I feel I can air things out while she can’t and this to me is an issue on her part.
  2. I’m not saying I’m gonna wait 2 weeks for her to reply that’s just ignorant. I can accept a few days even until the weekend. I’d just like to clear the air and if that’s it so be it, I’ll move on to someone better. I hope she isn’t this immature because that’s a complete turn off and I get she’s upset hopefully with a few days of no contact she’ll be calm enough to talk about it.
  3. I’m scared that if it goes to long it’ll be over but if I text too soon she’ll block me. It’s easier to ignore someone rather than talk.
  4. Yes this is the first argument we’ve properly had. I’m just struggling to understand how distant she has become in a matter of days. She can stubborn and she’d rather not talk if she thinks it’ll be an argument. When you go from free flowing conversation and happiness to absolutely nothing it hurts.
  5. What do I do if a week passes and she dosent reply? Should I just text her as normal or just wait for her. I just want this to blow over now and completely forget about it.
  6. Thank you for the upbeat response. I hope she replies whenever that is I hate knowing I’ve done something to her. I’ll stay positive dont worry. It’s hard to go from such a go place to zero communication in 2 days.
  7. Okay maybe I’ll give it to the weekend instead? I just don’t want her to feel like she can’t escape me and I’m everywhere that’s not me. Then I’ll actually feel like I’m suffocating her with messages. I really like her and I don’t want to lose her over something stupid, I’m also not angry with her just confused with how she’s choosing to deal with it. But everyone is different.
  8. We have so much in common though? I’m not going to start listing them all out but we get on great most of the time. She’s lovely and we bounce off eachother and conversation always flows. This is like the first proper bump in the relationship and she’s never been this distant ever. I keep saying I give her space and I don’t text her 24/7 that’s not healthy, I crossed the line at the weekend.
  9. It’s been like 2 days I’m not overly worried with no contact for that length I think that’s pretty normal in a relationship. If she really wanted to end this I genuinely believe she say it but I could be wrong but I gotta give her space that’s only fair for her as I said she has university work and finals very soon she dosent need me to be badgering her.
  10. Hopefully but I don’t think she has. I’ve no problem giving her space that’s not an issue. If she wanted to end things I just want to air things out then go out separate ways instead of just stopping one day. If you understand?
  11. Yes we’re exclusive. She has some guy friends but I mentioned she does not like male attention and I’m not worried about her cheating etc. Sometimes it hard to understand how people just completely ignore you.
  12. Yes this is exactly how I think she feels and I probably will end up replying straight away which isn’t healthy. As I keep saying I won’t be texting her I respect her space and she clearly just isn’t in the mood to talk that’s fine. Just a little disheartening that she can’t just acknowledge my apology.
  13. Yes I understand that. But it is silent treatment when they just ignore your apology. Should I just leave it for a couple of weeks or just let it go? As I said she’s never had a relationship and I feel I crossed the line.
  14. Maybe I should have mentioned earlier her parents aren’t together and she dosent really have a relationship with her father he lives in another country as far as I’m aware. She’s never gone silent before, but I completely agree she can’t communicate very well or maybe just chooses not too to avoid confrontation. I’ll give her space but as I said I’m not chasing any girl that never ends well especially if they’ve said I’ve “suffocated” her.
  15. Yes but I’ve been away with work recently and haven’t been out as much. If she wanted to end things I’d appreciate some sort of respect and she’d say it instead of just ignoring me. But I genuinely don’t believe that’s the case and I think I just crossed the line. If she blocks me on socials well then that’s a different story but that hasn’t happened.
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