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  1. absolutely agree with this, and this is something I have been working on. He has never called me a name before and I made it extremely clear to him that I’m not okay with it, so he’s well aware now and apologised very sincerely for it. I do have a plan in place set up by my therapist for when I start to feel myself losing control. It’s definitely something that’s going to take a bit of practice and something I think I’ll need to sit down and go through with him so he can notice the signs and help me realise when they’re happening. Recognising when I’m transitioning between upset and furious is
  2. And an update for everyone on the whole situation; we are working it out. He is still upset and I’m giving him space for the time being until he’s ready. I was able to speak to someone at my university to set up an access plan and hopefully get me back on track this year. I’ve also decided to take a break from social media as I feel that has attributed greatly to my current mental state and is long overdue. As for the harsh comments about me being entitled, spoiled, and comparing me to a stray animal — feel like it wasn’t really necessary to kick me while I’m down and make me feel like a bu
  3. I’ve dated him for a little while longer than that and he is generally pretty happy actually! We just had a rocky beginning due to him experiencing some family trauma within the first couple months of us getting together. He never weaponises my outbursts, he’s usually very understanding afterwards and we’re able to move on and come out better pretty quickly. after a lot of thought today, I realised that that comment couldve potentially hurt him so badly because his ex was horrible to him and tore him up. We don’t talk about past relationships very much but it’s occurred to me that it’s quit
  4. I’m confused about what you mean about his reaction possibly being connected to something more. Could you please explain that? What more could it be connected to and why? I honestly don’t remember what prompted the comment. I am fairly sure he was ignoring me while I was freaking out, as he’s told me that he can’t speak to me when I’m that angry, and everything sped up and came crashing down all at once. It happened so quickly that I barely even heard myself say it. I feel the need to reiterate that my mental state has really been deteriorating as of lately and I’ve had a tendency to
  5. We have been officially dating for only a few months but he’s been in my life for over 6 years. We’ve loved each other almost the entire time but couldn’t be together for external reasons. I have always struggled with mental health, as has he, but I do not want to lose him as a result of my outbursts. I am currently receiving support from the government and looking for a job, but im studying full time and am not considered financially independent from my parents until I’m 22 (Australian law). I have been staying at his house a few nights a week and his parents (whom I’ve also known for over 6
  6. To also provide some more context, we have obviously never had an argument that has escalated this badly before and have never spoken about breaking up. He said he still wanted me to stay with him tonight and he’d see how he felt about it tomorrow, so I’m somewhat hopeful that this isn’t the end of us. Regardless of whether he decides to stay, I still want to make it up to him and understand that I have probably broken his trust quite badly. I’m only wondering how to mend the damage I’ve done IF he decides to stay with me. I don’t want to force him to be with me if he doesn’t, I just want advi
  7. My boyfriend and I were having an argument over something incredibly small. I’ve been really struggling lately with mental health and am currently in therapy, but my therapist has been on long term leave for almost a month so I haven’t been able to see her since I’ve started drastically going downhill (just before anyone suggests therapy). This has been perpetuated by a lot of stress financially as I’m now struggling to pay my rent (we do not live together) and am failing school for my dream career. I am absolutely not using any of this as an excuse for my behavior, it’s just to provide some c
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