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  1. @Rose Mosse we broke up because she stole from me and we got into an altercation. We were together for almost five years and were engaged. I’m just curious as to why she unblocked me on everything after saying she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me and I accepted that. Now she’s mirroring my behavior and it’s all it’s chaotic.
  2. Background: me and my ex broke up about 7 months ago and I recently(March 2021)had to reach out to have her name removed from the lease. I tried to see if we could be friends and she declined(mid April 2021). now: maybe about a week or going on a week, she’s unblocked me on everything but didn’t reach out. I deactivated my socials because I couldn’t take the confusion and she’s mirroring me(she deactivated her socials too). Is she trying to get me to reach out for a reaction or is she breadcrumbing me?
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