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  1. Yes, I get that, which is why I said "what works for some, doesn't work for others." Obviously the arrangement OP had with her SO worked for her for the past 5 years, so she accepted the scenario even if others wouldn't.
  2. I really wouldn't go that far. I've known couples who have been in long-distance relationships for 3-5 years, and now they're happily married, so what works for some, doesn't work for others and so on. Just because "most would never have accepted this," doesn't mean it hasn't worked for OP. Her relationship being different than most doesn't make it less meaningful.
  3. So I saw, and yet he's still with her... there must be something he likes about her.
  4. No, we don't. We usually just spend weekends together, because he starts work early, and I usually finish late. Because I fell in love with him and not someone younger. Besides, my ex-husband is 2 years younger than me, and I still had the same problem.
  5. I swear you were the first person who commented on my post in the other forum, too.
  6. Hi, I just posted something similar but from the opposite angle. I was in a relationship with a man for 9 years and our sex life was basically nonexistent. I loved him dearly, and I learned to live with it, but it's not fun. I tried to see his other qualities, because how much time do you actually spend having sex compared to the time you're doing other things together? If there are characteristics you value about her, for example if she makes you laugh, or if your life is overall better with her in it, and you can live with what you get even though it's not much, keep at it. A good friend of
  7. Hi everyone, I posted this in another forum a while back and all I got was judgmental nonsense, so I ask you to please be respectful. I was married for 7 years until 2019 when my ex-husband wanted to dissolve the marriage. I feel that until that moment, we had a very good marriage with the exception of our sex life. Shortly into our relationship, I noticed that my sexual drive was a lot higher than his. I tried to talk about it, but in the end he told me that I talked our sex life to death, and I guess it's not untrue, because towards the end of our marriage our sex life was basical
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