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  1. Rose - yes, the lying is the worst. I think for him, lying is a knee jerk instantaneous reaction - it's like he can't control himself. He does it even over little things, when he doesn't have to so he always appears in a good light, he's just the type that is SO afraid of conflict he will do anything to avoid it. He had a pretty rough childhood and left home at 14. I've already decided that if we ever did get back together an absolute *MUST* is getting couples therapy. Wiseman2 - Yeah, I didn't even know how old he was back then, but to be honest - he wasn't really that mature and eve
  2. We've been together for a few years but met when I was 13 he was 18 and were an "item" in a way - we didn't talk much because we didn't speak each other's language. Found each other 37 years l later on facebook and it was instantaneous attraction and love. He moved in with me a few months after we started visiting each other long distance (3 hrs). Maybe a year after we were together we had driven by one of those bikini espresso shops and he made a joke like 'lets go get some coffee' and I said a few things about them that I had heard (they don't wear bikinis, they are almost naked, many gir
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