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  1. Thank you for your answer and the sweet words and yes I took an appointement with a therapist to get some help, and I'll try to see the flags sooner next time! To answer your question I think I got too emotional bc we spent great moments together apart from sex and sometimes the line btw friends with benefits is blurred when spending time together doing other things. Moreover, not to blame him but he had a vision of FWB really close from my vision of relationships (as I'm really independent when with someone and he met some of my friends to have a dinner on his choice) and I got lost in
  2. We did, then got tested for STD a few months later, then we took it off as we told ourselves we didn't see other people, I took the pill until I stopped it for medical reasons but I was waiting for an appointement to get an IUD, it was the only time w/o protection at all. I checked my cycle through an app and trusted it... Thank you for the previous answer I'll be more careful.
  3. Hello, I'm a student and I came here for advice about a sensible situation, thank you in advance for the answers, sorry for the lenght, this is quite complex but I just want to have an external opinion on the feelings I go through, the whole story is just to set the context. Trigger warning : abortion/ abandonment. 8 months ago (October) I met a man on a dating app, at first he seems to be open to discover each other around a coffee, and I was more into having fun. Our conversations were the simple/quite boring kind, but I give it a try as he seemed cute and I felt good and confiden
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