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  1. I have not. She leaves early morning and goes to bed early. So not too out of the ordinary to not see each other a few times a week.
  2. lived with her mom and step dad. They have plenty of room for her. They offered for her to come back and live with them when I went to them saying I don't know if I could keep dating her, a little while back. I think shed be better off there. Not needing to pay rent and can figure out her life a little more and do what makes her happier.
  3. She can't afford this place on her own. And we don't have a lease. Its a friend of mine's place, so its pay per month.
  4. Sounds good thank you. She’d be the one leaving though so that complicates things. Like I said she has her son to take with her. And we don’t share financial accounts. Just the rent and utilities which is in someone else’s name anyways
  5. Thanks for all your help. Means a lot to me. I will definitely aim to fix that and move on in the best way possible. I’ll keep you updated if interested
  6. Yeah for sure need some time. Need to dig deep and see why I fell for this and how to change it. And figure out what to look for in a future gf/wife
  7. That’s really good advice. Thank you to everyone who’s helped. I’ll update soon. Feel free to leave more input if you feel it’ll help me out
  8. Thanks for all the responses wow! From strangers. That’s very nice she’s 27 years old i guess time to find someone else. I’ll need to talk to her tonight and end it. Any advice for that?
  9. Haha I wouldn’t go that far. She’s a good mom. Just past issues I just am big on being appreciated when it’s due. Also think that a new-ish relationship like this, should welcome lots more sex than once every couple months. But maybe I do have a sex problem if I’m expecting that haha. I’m 34 years old. Not 84
  10. she smokes that vape weed around him. Doesn't matter though. Im not a smoker and its a turnoff. Yeah she has access to my phone. I lived by myself before this
  11. hahaha you tell it like it is. I like that. Not typically pick types like her. She was much different at first, then got back into smoking dope (I thought that was supposed to mellow you out lol). Crazy situation. The more I write it out, and knowing its only a little bit what's happening, the more I see I need to go
  12. I do stick around because I don't like to hurt people, but maybe its time to end it? She has that way of keeping me around, but maybe its just in my head. Im not sure
  13. I do about 90% of the cleaning and probably 9/10 I cook. And when I do she always complains that I did something wrong with it and puts me down, after all the effort I put in. She doesn't sound too great, does she? haha
  14. Yeah I tell her how I feel. She accuses me of having a sex addiction. Of course I don't have one. I just want to be intimate with my girlfriend. Yes we split rent and utilities both ways. We have opposite hours a little bit. They overlap some. So I help bring her son to school and make sure the house is clean and food shop. Definitely put in way more effort. Sorry Im new to this forum stuff so if Im not explaining great I apologize.
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