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  1. yes thats correct. no, we only see each other once a week due to lockdown here.
  2. thank you for your reply, we’ve been dating for almost 2 yrs. he was fighting about cancelling his bike trip vs to visit me. he still choose to go to the rally after we had the fight. is the 3 days a space already?
  3. Last Thursday night, me and my boyfriend had a fight regarding his bike errands and he suddenly changed plan not to go and visit me that coming saturday. prior to that, we’ve already talk that he will visit me that coming Saturday. a sudden change of plans made me snapped out and got mad at him and told him to only visit me on Saturday but he’s very eager and decisive that he’ll not go that coming Saturday. little did i know, he’ll just go rally with his college friends and that also made me more mad at him for not saying the truth. so it’s been three days after the fight and we’re still not c
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