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  1. Thanks LaHermes. I've actually spoken to him about it since I posted this, and there is pretty much no chance of him getting a car anytime soon. He'd be happy to be put on my insurance for a day or two (I think you can get insured for just a month etc) when needed, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. He said that a car is just not something that he needs, and even if he did want one he has nowhere to keep it. He did feel genuinely guilty that the driving falls on me all the time, and did offer to pay for petrol more often etc.
  2. Hi Lambert, Yes I've told him how I feel and he says he does feel bad that the driving always falls to me, but a car just isn't something he needs. His new flat doesn't have any parking facilities, so he has no plans to get one at any time soon. He would be willing to be put on my insurance but I'm not sure how I feel about that to be honest.
  3. I've always thought so, I never saw the driving as a chore, so didn't think much of it. But now I know that he doesn't have any intentions of owning a car, it's made me feel a bit deflated.
  4. Thank you 🙂 I'll always be buying my first house for myself and no one else, regardless
  5. To be honest, I guess I'd never really thought about it. I don't mind the driving itself, I guess it's just because I've only recently realised/found out that he has no intentions of driving for a long time - that is what bothers me. I wasn't sure if I was being a bit of a princess wanting to be driven around (which isn't what I want, just occasionally not having to drive for days out/weekends away), which is why I came on here to see what other people thought.
  6. Hi Hollyj, We pretty much take it in turns to pay for food out/activities etc, and he occasionally pays for parking, or pays for the meal because I've driven
  7. Thanks LaHermes. He's very genuine and over all, he's a really nice person and treats me well. We don't have any plans marriage-wise, I'm planning on buying a house in the next year or two (I have always wanted to get my first mortgage on my own, regardless of relationship status) and we'll see how it goes from there I guess. We've spoke about him moving in with me and renting out his flat. I am DEFINITELY buying a house with parking available, so maybe then he'll be more inclined to get a car...
  8. I completely agree, I'm glad that he's saved enough for a good deposit on a flat, rather than spend 10's of thousands on a car that will just lose value. I guess it just makes me feel a little upset that he has no intention of driving any time soon. Our relationship is otherwise a good one, he always compliments me, wants to do/plan fun things to do together and makes me laugh. He's very genuine and we have never really had any problems
  9. Yes, he's full time employed, and we both make a similar amount of money. He's just bought the flat, which I'm really pleased for him about. He doesn't have any money issues and is financially stable - which is important to me. I guess I've always just got on with it because I quite like driving (not a nervous driver etc), but now I've realised he has 0 intentions of getting a car any time soon, it's made me think a little differently about it 😕
  10. He does pay for parking sometimes, which I appreciate. I don't really mind the driving itself, I guess it's just the thought that I'll have no choice for the foreseeable future. I'd be completely fine with it if I knew he had plans to get a car in the near future - even within the next year.
  11. It varies, now the lockdown has lifted, we've been going out to places 2/3 times a week
  12. Well he has recently bought a flat, so isn't planning to move from the city centre (where the flat is) for at least 5 years minimum. The flat has no parking space, so there's pretty much no chance of him getting a car until he moves out of there 😕
  13. Thanks for responding LaHermes 🙂 Yes, he passed his driving test a couple of years ago, so he has a full licence, so would be able to buy and drive a car if he wanted to.
  14. My boyfriend of 2+ years doesn't drive, he lives in the city centre so it's really easy for him to get around without a car. He passed his test a few years ago, but has no plans to get a car in the next 5 years at least, he says driving just isn't for him and he doesn't need one. However, I've started to feel a bit like his mum, rather than his girlfriend, I've started to dislike having to drive us both everywhere. We're both quite outdoors-y, so very often go for days out/weekends away in rural-ish places which are impossible/a pain to get to via public transport, so I always have to dri
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