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  1. I have been dating a new guy and we actually just became an "official" couple kind of recently. On the day he asked me to become exclusive, one of the very first things he asked was if I wouldn't mind removing a couple of old wedding photos from my social media. They are from a few years ago and it is one of those swipe posts that include several photos together. Most of the photos are of friends and family. There is only one that includes my ex, towards the end of the set. It is not like I could just remove the one of the ex, the whole set would have to come down due to how it is set up. So I'd have to basically just erase my wedding. I have many other photos of my ex and myself still posted from the past and he does not have an issue with those. It is just the wedding one. Personally, I have always just left up pics of my life from my past because I see things that happened as sort of a photo diary. I am not ashamed of these things. I also would never ask someone to take down similar photos off their social media, pictures from an old wedding, etc. However, IF it was merely about respect for our relationship I might consider honoring this request. The thing that threw me off a tad was the way he presented it. Firstly, he said it almost immediately, which was a little odd. He said that it might just be an ego thing he has to get over. But then he said "If i'm going to show you off to people as my girlfriend, and those pictures are right there..." So it made me feel a bit bad, as if he was ashamed for people to see I had been married before. Do you think this is the case? I did ask about this and he said he wasn't and ended up saying something along the lines of "you know what, you're right. maybe I should look at it differently." It was late and we didn't really come to a resolution on it. I am not asking at all for an opinion on whether or not you think it's appropriate to have photos of past relationships on social media. If you can avoid this in your answer that would be so appreciated and helpful. I am merely asking for whether you think: 1. He is ashamed for people to know I was married? 2. If you would take the photos down based on his request? 3. If you think taking pics down is a slippery slope and can lead to things being controlling later on?
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