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  1. Hi all, thanks for the replies. Points of clarification: His place is a small studio, so there's really no place to go In most cases I do stay at home to do homework. However, this time I specifically went over to his place last time for additional homework help, which he agreed. Usually we do talk over the phone, but sometimes it's easier for him to explain things in person using whiteboard, etc. I hope that helps.
  2. Hi all, I would like your advice on a recurring relationship issue. Right now I am studying for a degree while also working full-time. My SO happens to be a professional in the field I'm studying for, so I ask him a lot of homework questions. Recently I went over to SO's place for a few days because I had a homework deadline coming up. Normally I only go over one day a week to hang out. Because of the deadline I was pretty stressed. I was behind and wasn't sure if I could finish on time. My SO likes to play video games. Normally he goes on voice chat several times a week. W
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