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  1. So recently I posted about thinking to leave a 6 year relationship, and got a lot of great feedback and confirmation that I need to stand up for myself and leave. My original post - thank you to everyone for the replies! But now, I'm asking myself how I should go about this... My fiancé is well aware that I am considering ending the relationship and I believe he knows it's coming. But he also takes anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medicine, and has been known to be self-destructive. He has considered suicide before, and has stated to me many times, "losing you would make my life worthl
  2. He pays half the mortgage: Our finances have always stayed separate and I have always been the one to pay the bills. I used to record everything and ask him for half at the end of the month, but he would often complain and say he should get a break because he takes care of our daughter mostly during the day. This being said, he had plenty of money and gets passive income monthly from royalties. At this point I’ve stopped asking and he only gives me half the mortgage because he knows I can’t afford it alone. He has never bought our baby diapers or any other essentials. I take care of groce
  3. This is very much on me and now it’s on me to do the right thing for myself and my daughter, you are absolutely right. It’s safe to say I barely have friends and he has driven me from my family, so I really had no eye-openers but always “little inklings” here and there telling me I’m crazy for allowing myself to be treated this way. My mother is convinced I deserve much better and is ready to support me with whatever help I may need. My support system is not vast but with all of your replies confirming what I was scared to realize I see that I have to leave.
  4. I paid for the house and everything in it. My family all helped to renovate, meanwhile he would complain about them being “in his space.” I also realize our family values don’t line up. I am an immigrant and put a lot of importance on my family and spending time together, celebrating holidays, etc. He often complains about me visiting my mom’s house saying he wants to spend time with me. But if I stay home with my daughter instead of seeing my mom he stays in his “office” and barely interacts with us. So then I end up regretting not just going to see my mom anyway. Instead I’m home disap
  5. That is the deciding factor IMO. I’ve grown to see that this is not what’s best for our child. I guess it’s also worth mentioning that while I work full time days, he stays home and “takes care of our daughter,” but never has cooked her a meal, taken her to a park, and usually ends up leaving her to play on her own while he goes online. If I ever say anything like “hey may I ask why you didn’t change her out of her pajamas” or “do you think you could take her outside for a little today” I am told I am “nagging, controlling, etc.” I recently checked his phone to see a conversation with his
  6. 3 years in a home only under my name. He didn’t even bother to look at it until after I closed on the mortgage. I took care of the paperwork myself and had no help from him afterwards when we were doing renovations. So living arrangements are basically set up since the house is mine and we are not legally married. From time to time he’ll ask, “you still want to marry me, right?” Yet has made no move to plan the wedding. This doesn’t surprise me considering he doesn’t ever plan anything nice for me or his daughter for any holidays. i am sick of having to do all the work an
  7. He’s “self-employed” in the music business, so this entails that he’s always interacting with people online and finding clients. So a lot of the time he blames his online interactions on “it’s business.” Yet there are no words about music in his convos with women.. I definitely think it’s a form of cheating, but he’s dead set that it’s me “misinterpretting and twisting things because I have been hurt in the past”
  8. Hello, this is my first experience here so bear with me as I bare my situation with you all.. My fiancé and I have been together for about 6 years, but only 4 officially. We started off “casually hooking up” and ended up going official and moving in with each other. About a year later, we found out we were pregnant. Immediately he proposed and we got to planning a big happy family. Right before I was to give birth, I stumbled across an open imessage on his computer, wide open as if there was nothing to hide. He was texting a girl from social media, telling her he wished he was t
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