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  1. 20, 17, 13, and 10 My two oldest do not have anything to do with their farther since the divorce 5 years ago. The two youngest are court ordered. Their farther has deep deep issues also. Great provider and can be a hands on dad but he has many issues within himself. If I did even ask he would use this against me. I'm so done tho with my current situation. My current partner wanted to talk at lunch or tonight and I agreed as we do have bills in each others names and he has to get the rest of his stuff. When I told him I has to get my car to my mother to pick up my daughter on lunch that it wou
  2. Yes you are so right, fear everyday that I cannot be enough for someone that has major issues. The things he has said to me since this has happened. I have stood my ground though and will not break this time.
  3. Yes it's always worth it to see them happy ❤️ and does help so much
  4. Thank you, I just have to continue to tell myself this. One thing I have to keep in my head is that I do NOT deserve this and that I will NOT be wasting anymore of my time on something that will never change. You are so right about never being able to pull him to my level, It opened my eyes because I know he has drug me down to his. Thanks so much for the advise
  5. Oh and he did say that it was going to be a sad day for his family today. I told him I was calling 911 to come to him if he was throwing that around I was calling because I did not want it to be on my conscious!
  6. Not afraid of him hurting me physically but he does shout and raise hie voice very loud and uses emotional abuse. Slam doors, and basically act like a child. Not that often but when something like this is going on. Maybe I am addicted to the dynamic, that's what I have gotten use to as I had blinders over my eyes thinking that because he was admitting his behaviors and getting help( which he lied about having his 2nd appt scheduled) when I said something about him saying he was getting help to fix his issues lol. He admits he is messed up in the head, tells me he just wish he could be normal.
  7. He also thought he was cute I guess to pop two of his pills last night the Dr prescribed him right in front of me when we started fussing. Said he took and extra because he could tell he was getting snappy. Just blows my mind how people can really be like this.
  8. I'm trying to come up with a plan. I told him he is just turning all this on me. We are right in the middle of him turning it around and him blame shifting and him telling me that I'm the one that is not happy. That he could of just left when my daughter was disrespectful to him this weekend because he is tired of her disrespect but he did not and now because I can't be happy and he cant be the man I need him to be then he will just fix it and we will not have to worry about him anymore or his bull***. Told him I called about his appointment and he said I was not on the list of people to give
  9. So now here is the fun part 😫 we are arguing again(last night and this morning) and he was ignoring me so I told him I just love doing this every day.... Told him I could not do this everyday, I cannot feel like this all the time. He said then if you are tired of it then find another man then. I was like excuse me, I will not bother you no more...he's come back was "you probably already have". Then he says you think I like doing this everyday also? Battling the things in his head every day and says he just wants to be normal and he don't like living with himself like this(he starts talking su
  10. You have such great advice dancingfool, I guess me using the cutesy words like fussing was because on another forum I used narcissist behavior as I was thinking that was exactly what was going on and a poster crawled my ars for that. Said I was throwing around diagnoses for people when I had no right to. But anyway I told him this when he started fussing and he said he tried talking to me first about it and I didn't seem to understand so then he finally got upset and vented about it and it turned into us having an argument. Of course my Mom could tell the distant feeling then. I guess when I r
  11. Yes I know it's definitely headed in that direction for sure.
  12. Thanks so much for every ones advice. We went out of town for the weekend to my sons jr/sr at the beach where some of my family was. Hoping to get a little time away and it was such a disaster. He fussed because I was not giving him enough attention and my Mom stayed under us and she is annoying and talks way too much but she is my Mom and likes to spend time with me or us. So we spent a good bit of time ill or fussing because of that and then yesterday before heading home him and my oldest daughter get into it and we started fussing again. But I find myself still trying, still holding on, wor
  13. Yes we do! We should of worked out those things instead of adding to them, now we have a lot more to work through.
  14. Thank you indea08, I have also made bad decisions in certain situations. You do evolve, grow, and learn things, I guess what is holding me on right now is he has made appointments and admits to his wrongs and is willing to get help and work on making this better. He knows he has screwed up in the past and says he is willing to do what it takes and I have to let him do that without doubting him. This is exactly what happens sometimes (was too much control, and I never understood why he was upset about the things he was upset about, so it was impossible for me to avoid his next complaint. That w
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