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  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice/thoughts. I recently started dating a guy and slowly getting to know him. There have been some red flags that popped up, such as: 1. The first time I met him he said 'is that what you wear to work?' 2. Went through my Facebook photos (way back, like 10 years) 3. Wanted to go through my phone after 3 weeks of talking 4. Wanted to know all past relationships and get deep on the 2nd phone call 5. If I posted a photo on fb he would look at the men who liked it and look where they live 6. Look for my exes (I didnt name drop once) 7. Accused me of blocking him once when I didnt answer two phone calls 8. Say he didn't mind been second fidle if I took a few hours to reply to his text. 9. Aware I will start working longer hours over the summer and tried to make me feel bad for it. Like it's my job?!?! Regardless of the above I procecced to get to know him, and we got on well. Really well actually, like I trusted him. Last week, he told me how he wanted to make me happy and even spoke about joining the gym together. Now this week, he has turned round and said he doesn't have time for me and he wishes me the best. I dont understand how you can do 180 degree turn on me. Is a manipulation tactic to get me to chase him? I havent bothered chasing him, I'm very laid back. Just replied 'that's your choice, not mine'. And left him alone. I just can't figure it out!! Any thoughts or advice would be great! Thanks.
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