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  1. That's terrible and I can't understand why they just don't look for someone who wants the same type of relationship instead of hurting someone for their own benefit. they can get a friend with benefits for that. I'm sorry that happened to you. I don't know if anything he says will mend our relationship. Even if he kept his promise about me moving in on the set date he gave me, I feel like I'll have to nag him again for marriage or whatever else I would want in our relationship. I can't do that for the rest of my life.
  2. When I realized I was the one pushing him to have me move in, I started to realize I would need to continue with this behavior to get him to do anything else like marriage or kids and that would not only be exhausting but unfair. I can't force him to do things he doesn't want and even if I got those things it would mean nothing as he didn't want it as much as I did. I hate having to push him and it felt like he's only going to do it to string me along longer before having to do anything else. My plan was to talk to him about a timeline for marriage and not moving in together until we got
  3. It was our "plan". For years we planned to move in to that house once it was vacant as it was being rented out to an old couple who sadly passed last year (it's a long story as to why we waited for that house mostly due to school and our careers). So our opportunity finally came up and I get left behind on the original plan and was now waiting on his plan which didn't seem to have an end in sight. I posted an update saying we broke up. I got tired of coming second for the last time and now I'll make my own plan. Congrats on the baby! I wish you and your family the best.
  4. I blocked him and I doubt he'll come around my house looking for me so it's definitely over. I don't even think there's anything he can do to get me back especially if it's all talk and no action.
  5. Thank you. Looking for a place is my next step and hopefully it will keep my mind off of him so I can focus on me. I really hope this covid situation gets better soon so I can start doing things for myself and meet new people. We'll see when I'm ready to start dating again and hopefully this time I'm not an idiot and I prioritize what I want out of a relationship instead of waiting.
  6. Thank you for that story. I don't know why people want others to meet requirements for them but don't think they need to do the same for their partners. I let it go too long thinking the good outweighed the bad, but I was fooling myself. I'm an idiot for letting it go on for too long.
  7. Not trying to defend him, but he did try to talk to me during those 5 days, but just texting. I told him no because he just wanted to text all day like everything is normal. I wasn't going to expect him to come see me either, but yeah he didn't even try. This is the first time he's gone to a bachelor party and since we had always agreed to never go to one, I wanted to be clear as to what was ok and what wasn't so he wouldn't have an excuse saying he didn't know what he did was wrong. Him not calling me back was what made me realize his friends were the priority. And that's fine. Hope
  8. Just wanted to give an update not sure if anyone is following. I haven't spoken to my partner since Sunday when we fought. I texted him today (Friday) to ask if he could talk that night. He said yes. I wanted to talk to him before his trip which he was going to leave on Saturday for. I knew I couldn't stop him from going but I at least wanted to voice my concerns and what I expect from him. So I text him to see if he's ready to talk and he's avoiding answering my question. He got mad that I wouldn't text him after he asked what I was doing. I had told him earlier I didn't want to ta
  9. That is a good point. I do feel I know his habits enough to know I can live with him and marry him. I think I should stop worrying about moving in together and just do it myself. I don't even know if it's worth waiting to see if marriage happens, though. It really pissed me off that he was concerned about his friends not going to our (or maybe just his) wedding because he didn't go to theirs. With a pandemic I'd assume good friends would understand if he didn't go. I don't even want a wedding even before this happened since I'd rather put that money to a house, but yeah maybe I'm not even
  10. Definitely not for him since I can't even get the guy to ask me to move in lol. It was a supposed joke, but I feel that a group of guys with girlfriends shouldn't joke about that. People said I'm over reacting about this joke, but that's just something I don't want to tolerate even as a joke. Feels like there's a bit of truth behind these types of jokes. I know I can't control what his friends say or I should be mad at them for what they say, but at least make the joke funny. I've always trusted him, but these guys put a doubt in my mind. Like the saying tell me who your friends ar
  11. I definitely agree about not moving in together unless we are married. I hated that way of thinking because I wanted to make sure I could live with the person before marrying them, but now that doesn't even seem like it will be an issue in my near future. We wanted to move in together first before marriage, but the way things are going just to move in, it feels like marriage won't happen. I think I'm going to move out on my own. I told him to take all the time he needs to decide when he's ready to move in together, but I can't promise I will be around for it.
  12. That is true. I wish I had done what I needed to do and move out on my own. I was trying to cooperate with this relationship to reach our goal, but it seems I was the only one.
  13. I wish he had been upfront about his actual plans. He told me he was fixing up the place for us to move in (he made it sound at the same time) and next thing I know he says he's moving in already. Had he talked to me about living there alone first for whatever amount of time, then I could understand. Instead he told me he was moving in the next day when a week before he told me it wasn't ready. Not that he needed my permission, but why not talk to me about it first? Or is it wrong of me to expect him to tell me things with time? I did tell him about my parent's situation and I talked to
  14. As much as I try to not compare my relationship to others, it's tough when you hear about couples reaching milestones sooner than we have. I get every relationship has its own path, but it's hard not seeing those things happen for me. I feel like I'm going to become that cautionary tale where the guy wouldn't commit and a year after the break up he's marrying someone else.
  15. This is what I feel it is. I thought we were taking our time to do it right, but he probably wasn't thinking the same
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