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  1. You're right. And i sure don't deserve to be treated that way either. Thank You everyone. I'm feeling much better and realized that I deserve better too.
  2. Thank You so much. I've had lots of flings in the past 3 years but nothing serious, because i was not ready for anything serious during that time 🙂
  3. Hi everyone. So, my boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago, we were not together for long just over a month, I'm just a bit confused because in the beginning he was saying how he's fallen for me and how it feels so good to be understood and we also have a LOT in common to the extent where we say things at the same time, I was scared of the connection, we both were because it was intense but we decided not to fight it, we also decided to take things slower as it was progressing quite fast in terms of feelings from both sides. He has recently been very stressed with work and just not in
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