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  1. Perhaps you just want to vent? Toxic relationships have a way of pulling you back in.
  2. Are you afraid that you'll like him enough to enter into a relationship with the thought of marrying him? But that him never having had a relationship, he might want to explore other options before settling down? Because that's what I see it as.
  3. This is why it's best to go NC with an ex, at least until you move on emotionally and are okay with your ex having romantic partners. Why are you hanging out with your ex? Are you having sex? He's lying because perhaps a part of him still wants to keep the door open in case his other dates don't work out.
  4. You're right. It's not. I'm replying to posters who are saying that nurses are far better than doctors because of XYZ when the reality is that each serves its own role.
  5. By diagnosing them correctly and prescribing the correct medication. By ordering the correct labs. By referring them to the correct specialist. By adjusting their dosages. By correctly interpreting their imagistics. Countless ways. All very silly stuff.
  6. Nurses DO get far more respect than doctors. Celebrate national nurse day, nurse gifts, etc. I have yet to see celebrate doctors day, or doctor gifts as widespread as those of nurses. Would you trust a nurse to do your surgery? I would not. Physicians undergo a far more rigorous training than nurses. Physicians carry far more responsibility for patients than nurses. Because if a nurse makes a mistake, her license isn't in danger of being revoked. So for you to say that nurses do three times the hard work of physicians when you don't even know their trainings is just wrong. Nurses do four years of nursing school and then off to work they go. Physicians do 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school and at least 4 years of residency, if not for fellowships which add on more years. And for the record, their residency pay is tops 65k for 90+ hours a week whereas there are plenty of nurses who get far more for lesser hours. Just to give an example. There are plenty of medical facilities where nurse practitioners and physician assistants diagnose and treat patients but the head physician signs off on the final orders. If something goes wrong, it's the physician that signed the orders that ultimately pays the price for someone else's mistakes. This may mean disciplinary action, higher mapractice fees, license issues, etc. This is done to keep costs down, which is why so many facilities are cutting down on physicians and claiming that nurses and physician assistants are just as good as MDs. And to give another example. I have a colleague who worked as an RN, then studied for an MD and is now finishing up residency. He told me the difference in knowledge FAR EXCEEDS, but that both roles are invaluable. I have another acquaintance who was a practicing physician in his home country, came to the US and could not pass the board exams here. He's now working as an RN. As far as nurses spending more time with their patients, that's absolutely correct. Because for every 10 minutes of patient interaction, a physician has to spend 40+ minutes filling out electronic records. That's how the system is designed today.
  7. That's not the point. The point is that academically, the academic rigors of physicians outweigh those of nurses. Secondly, I would NOT trust a nurse to diagnose me. That's NOT the job of a nurse yet the national nursing boards consistently keep pushing nurses to be the equivalent of a Family Medicine physician. This is downright preposterous! You truly underestimate the heavy workload and responsibility doctors undertake. Both doctors and nurses have their roles but to say that nurses are far more invaluable than physicians is ignorant.
  8. I'm saying that it's possible the damage has already been done. Sometimes, even when a partner does make changes, it's too late. The hurt is too great. Only time will tell.
  9. It sounds like you're being a doormat and she's using you. Does she do nice gestures for you? Like pack your lunch? Iron your clothes? Do your laundry? Anything to show she appreciates your efforts? Do you think she's fallen out of love with you? And lastly, if you're taking care of the household, what the heck does she do all day? I'm sure if she has enough time to hand out with her girlfriends, she's got enough time for a part time job.
  10. How will you change? Old habits die hard. And even if you did change, if the damage is too much for her, then that's that.
  11. Except that doctors have to pass board exams totaling 41 hours just to enter residency alone while nurses have one board exam around 6 hours required to graduate. There are also attempt limits on each exam. So the difference is HUGE. That's not to discourage OP. Perhaps you think they are better because they have more time with patients whilst doctors spend far more time on EHRs than face to face.
  12. Can I ask, why you don't date Middle Eastern women? I ask because those tend to be more conservative, at least the religious ones, and might be more willing to settle down faster.
  13. I think NC can mean two things at the same time - to heal from a breakup and to view your past relationship more objectively. Distance can help us see things more clearly. And then you can decide whether you really want to reconcile.
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