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  1. So me and my bestfriend have been friends for about 5 years already. All of high school. We’ve been all each others had our bond is like no other friendship i know she feels the same. I’m not really too sure when i started feeling this way but it’s been a while already. I don’t understand my feelings for her I’ve never thought about doing anything sexual with her but i’ve looked at her and admired how pretty she is and thought about how it would feel to kiss her. She knows i’m bisexual and she’s always telling me how’s she’s not lesbian and likes boys. But sometimes on different occasions it’s felt like she’s flirted with me. For example we were walking with one of my other best friends talking and she joked “It’s okay i’ll be your boyfriend” even though she’s a girl and my other friend thought it was weird. She’s also complimented me and just recently she said “I’m not lesbian but sometimes i just wish you could be my boyfriend” and i said “me?” and she said “well girlfriend but in a friendly way”. She’s also said how she couldn’t date a girl bc she couldn’t give up boys because she likes a mans touch. I’ve always believed her when she says she’s straight but sometimes she confuses me.
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