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  1. Trust me , it’s not that sort of online relationship. I can appreciate the opinions of people in these threads about online relationships; often it’s hard to see anything that happens online as real. But in all honestly I see this as an old school way of thinking. I’ve been in local relationships, online relationships, relationships that started online than later turned into an in person thing. I admit when it’s online, it’s easier to pretend to be someone you’re not, but through my experiences, it’s also very possible to be yourself online and in person too; you can experience very
  2. Even if I got 1000 replies answering all these questions, it’s true that everyone’s responses would be different. I guess I was hoping to find common ground, like if I got a lot of answers that were similar on certain questions I could understand that it’s not just him or not just me. Overall with these questions I thought I could understand his point better. I definitely understand the importance of sex will vary for each person, and that in each relationship it will be placed higher or lower on the list of priorities. I think me and him just view it differently as a man and a
  3. I agree with you after some thinking honestly. He mentioned how I send mixed signals in our conversation yesterday and I didn’t get it. my previous post basically talked about how my boyfriend gets really moody when I say I don’t want to do any sexual activities; a problem that’s been happening for a while. I realize that we just have very different views on it and I did not do my part in communicating that. We did go from doing it everyday to going a few days to a month without it. So of course things got complicated. My only issue now is how he reacted when I did communicate that.
  4. Hey thanks for the reply; honestly the two posts do relate to each other but I wanted answers to these questions because After the conversation I had with him last night I’m trying to further validate my own feelings towards the situation. sorry to do this but I think I’ll leave an update under this reply: after I posted that , I later got a call from him. He came to me and said his sexual attraction for me was gone, because for a while “I kept shutting him down” and he felt like I didn’t want him sexually anymore. He felt as if I reached a point where Anything sexual we do won’t b
  5. As someone who has been in your situation, let me tell you this will not be easy. I’m also bi, My best friend and me honestly used to act like a couple, but she only ever dated boys and had really religious parents so I assumed she couldn’t be into girls. This was all in highschool for me too. I don’t know how deep in your feelings you are with your friend but I remember my best friend was my first love, and it was like that for 2 years. to this day she doesn’t know, but looking back at it all I can honestly say I regret not being honest. As I got older I realized that the
  6. Hey thank you for your answers! I noticed you also commented on my previous post too actually. Honestly these questions are based on my observations in my current relationship but not a lot of them actually are directly related to the issues at hand. For example “ If you lost sexual attraction to your partner (no desire or ability to do sexual activities) how would this affect the relationship? “ is directly related because my boyfriend explained to me his sexual attraction to me was lost, since my sex drive has gone down.. how he explained it made me feel as if our relationship was
  7. This question is based on a previous post I made about my boyfriend getting moody when I don’t want to have sex. After reading the replies to that, me and him had a conversation, and it led me to want to know how others view sex in a relationship. I’m mostly looking for a male perspective, but of course I would like to hear from anyone who has answers (whether in a relationship or not). feel free to simply answer the title with your opinion “how Important is sex in a relationship”? But below I have some related/unrelated questions that I would like to hear about as well. Main
  8. Hello, I’m not sure who will see this as it’s my first time using this website (hope I’m posting this right), but I feel like I need an outside perspective on this. This may be long as I want to minimize the amount of unknown information to make this non one sided or biased. The main issue: my online boyfriend (age20) gets very moody when I (21) am not in the mood to do any sexual activity. context: we have been together for about a year now and since 2021 started I’ve noticed this issue coming up a lot. When he’s in the mood for sex (this is an online relationship so I’m t
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