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  1. I don’t really know what he expects here either, but he told me that he loved me and feelings changed and he proved it every day for the time i was dating jim. after he found out i lied, he closed off again.
  2. we have all been tested, bob and i got tested together in october and he was my only sexual partner in history. jim was tested shortly before we started dating so he is clean. there is counseling on campus, and i have an appointment on tuesday!
  3. i plan on focusing on myself a lot and going to counseling and working more on myself. over the summer, i just have to show Bob that i love him. i can’t push the blame onto him because i lied to him about it so many times, and all he wanted was honesty. I just have to show him that it won’t happen again by only wanting him, not even looking elsewhere.
  4. I have never had a great relationship with romantic relationships and trust. Long story short, the culmination of this is being sexually assaulted by my best friend in 2017. That destroyed my trust, obviously, he was my best friend. I have been through counseling to work on that and forgive myself for the assault, but I feel like I have not made as much progress with trust and love in general. The challenge I am facing revolves around this issue I still have with myself. To recap, I met a guy in August, Bob. Bob and I are two peas in a pod. Extremely similar, but different enough to have
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