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  1. Hi Wendybalsam, I can relate, as I too come from a very dysfunctional and Narcissistic family dynamic as well. I only recently realized the fact that my family was narcissistic. The revelation was daunting, to say the least. Everything about Narcissistic Personality Disorder that I read, seemed like it was written especially about my family members. My dad has Borderline Personality Disorder and he is exactly like your mum. One minute a raging monster and another minute a sweet loving man. In his 70 + years I have never once heard him apologize to anything. As kids, we would play around a
  2. Hi, I'll try and make this as concise as possible. My family, two brothers and a sister (Y) and her kid (K) went to stay at my other sister's (S) and her husband's (M) place. Come bed time, the kids were getting too rowdy for bed, and Sister Y's kid K was asked to behave several times, until he was finally removed and told he would be placed in the adjacent room. K said the room was too dark, so M left the night light on for him. K did not cry at first, but later on he did cry in distress for around 10 mins. K's mum asked M what was going on and M said not to go and get K. After more crying, o
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