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  1. My feeling of needing physical space and not being able to move into my new place caused me to become despondent. This lasted a few months before I found a place I could temporarily move to. I moved all my stuff out and told her I wasn't happy. I didn't blame her and told her I still cared for her but I needed to do this. She mentioned something about waiting for me and I told her that I didn't know what the future holds for us but I could never ask her to wait.
  2. I have been respecting her by giving her space. I replied by congratulating her and telling her I was happy she was happy. I just have a hard time believing it. Maybe it's my ego getting in the way or maybe I know her too well. It's been difficult not dwelling on it but hopefully I can move past it.
  3. I think this is the biggest issue for me. I left and within a month and a half she was "in love" with someone else (she said this in her tiktok two weeks into her new relationship). I know she loved me so how could she fall in love again so fast? I was certain it was a rebound and maybe it still is, but they've been together 8 months now.
  4. I was undergoing a life crisis at the time. We were temporarily living together until I got my own place and once I found it, covid hit and I lost my job and new apartment. I got pretty depressed and felt like I needed space and couldn't be a good partner. I didn't communicate this with her because I didn't feel like I could be vulnerable at the time. This is partly what the letter I wrote her was about.
  5. I wrote a letter to my ex on her birthday 4 months after I broke up with her apologizing for mistakes I made in the relationship and telling her how important her friendship was to me. I got some weird mixed messages after that including her sending me a sad music playlist and texting then un-texting me saying she was "not ready to talk as friends". Four more months pass with no contact and after her seeming to try to get my attention (blocking me on tiktok, unblocking me then liking my video) she emailed me a letter. She talked about how much stronger of a person she is now and how much
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