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  1. I have no proof that it is mine other than that I actually don't think she would be chasing me to father the child if it was someone elses. I also doubt very much that she would've slept with anyone else, but of course, I could be wrong. Proof that she is pregnant == I met up with her coupla weeks back and she's 7 months gone. It's definitely happening. Thanks for your balanced advice. When you say 'make a choice, and stick to it' ... do you mean just generally about being invovled or not, or you mean the exact structure like, if I agree to see once per month then that should stick for li
  2. Thanks for your reply. My partner locally has ended things with me as a kind of "break". She is still hoping we can work things out as we had an amazing connection and she wanted to settle with me and I would like to with her too. But this, rather insanely big bump in the road, is understandably causing a huge distress. She wanted me to suggest I have nothing to do with the Mother and her upbringing of the child so we could start our own family by choice and not by force. I understand her angle but I just could not deal with the idea of having a child out there and not being part of their life
  3. Long story short: I had a long distance romance with a woman I met on holiday, which started just before lockdown March 2021... we met on a ski holiday in France. We literally got together on the final night... drunken sex etc. We went back our seperate ways, me back to Netherlands, her back to the UK. We kept in touch however and had desire to meet again. Meanwhile I had started dating someone locally. I kept both going at the same time, largely because I was not sure about the one locally and since it was now lockdown time, it was fun to keep avenues open. We met a further 4 t
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