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  1. I haven’t been invited along but I think it’s just classmates so no SO’s. I trust him but at the same time I feel I should create a boundary for myself. I don’t feel comfortable with him having that many female friends especially when I know literally nothing of them other than the fact they’re coursemates. No faces no names. And it’s not just lunches. It’s going out for the entire day, going to wales, going to Oxford etc spending at least 6 hours minimum on any outing.
  2. Well uni finished recently but they’re all doing this placement. Today they had a birthday thing for one of them, think my issue is that he never talks about the girls EVER, he’d mention all his guy mates and that’s what weird. I called him out and he said he’s just not that close with them as the friends he mentions. I just find that weird because If you’re out all day you’re bound to feel some connection with them otherwise you wouldn’t go!
  3. That’s true, I have decided to talk about it but struggling to find a natural way to bring it up and articulate best I can.
  4. I appreciate uni social life, we’ve both been to uni once. He’s near the end of graduate school finishing this year. Weirdly, I start uni again this coming September so maybe I’ll realise then? But at the moment I’m just sure if I was on trips and playing board games at a park with a few women but a group that consists of lots nameless guys. He’d feel insecure too.
  5. Worried I’m just going to sound insecure or just magnifying the issue?
  6. So my bf (28) and I (28) have been together for 2 years and a bit, he’s been at uni for 4 years. I’m currently working and he’s been studying. Throughout his course he’s made some friends. Recently, I have been feeling really strange about him spending time with them especially because it’s one guy and the majority of the group are girls. He mentions his guy friend by name but the rest of them as ‘they’. Doesn’t really say their names and I feel subconsciously it’s because he knows they’re female and maybe I’d feel weird about him spending his time with a bunch of female course mates. I apprec
  7. Last outing he did mention some names and spoke about them using their names for the first time. That was after I asked some indirect questions skirting around the topic.
  8. He’s been at uni for 4 years and we started dating 2 years into his course. I’m not at university and I don’t know his course mates. When he returned from his outing he spoke about it a little bit just about which shops they went etc but not much in depth about conversations they’ve had. He does have other friends he talks about more frequently so I know he isn’t as close with his uni friends. I’m unsure if he himself doesn’t speak about them because they’re female which is weird because that makes me feel more insecure, i’d rather know a little about them. Also I think it’s just people on the
  9. Right I know how this sounds, typical jealous gf problems. Well that’s sort of true. Disclaimer this isn’t about him potentially cheating, I trust him. Me and my bf (both 28) have been dating for 2 years and recently he got his own apartment for which I intend on moving into soon also. Currently I’m staying at my parents house. My parents don’t approve of him (yawn, typical ethnic parents) and this has somewhat strained my relationship with them. Home isn’t a terribly nice place right now. So in a nutshell I’m happy about his new place and getting to see him more but obviously strugg
  10. So I (F,28) have been with my bf (M, 28) for 2 years, we have been friends for longer. I love him very much. I found solace in him after breaking up with an abusive ex. Since then he’s proven his love and care for me over and over. He’s perfect in every way. We both currently live at each of our parents house. We spent most of the pandemic apart like many people probably. We are both from cultural backgrounds where our parents would disapprove of our relationship (crazy I know). So we have kept it quiet and things have been amazing so far. We decided to get an apartment together and
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