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  1. Yeah thats true! And i feel awful just talking with him when I know that he has girlfriend. I know from others that they were breaking up fro cpuple times already so it is obvious that relationship is not working, and he said that he wants me back and would give anything if I stayed, but dont expect from me to leave everything and come back to the old place! The hardest thing for him and me is that we actually never had fight or anything, we were great couple and only reason of breaking up is because of me leaving country... but time will show💕thank you
  2. Yeah i know it, it is just hard because everytime i am visiting my country, i see him and his family, and we always get in contact somehow🙄 But thank you I think u are right!🥰
  3. If I come back home, would it be the same as 3 years ago? Your, L
  4. Okay this is a story that is bothering me every day and I just want to hear someone elses opinion on the whole situation. When I was 20 I decided to move to another country because of the uni. I was hurt in previous relationship so in thay moment I didn't think that I want anyone close to me. There was one guy that liked me a lot but I just liked him as a friend because he was fun and similar to me. He was asking me to go on a date with him for a year but I was rejecting him, until one day. I gave him a chance to meet and I fell in love instqntly- he was such a caring ans amazing person to me, but the problem was I was supposed to leave my country in 3 months from then. We both knew it but first 2 months we were just enjoying our time together and didn't think about that. We had an amazing summer together, seen each other every day, until one day he realized I am really leaving, so he decided to disappear from my life and try to forget about me because the LDR wouldn't work. I was broken but i knew later that it was only option we really had at that time. I left the country and we didn't hear from each other at all for 6 months for sure, but after that we kept trying to reach out for each other every time him or me get drunk or anything and that is gaping that way for almost 3 years now. I tried to give another chance to other guys but it just didn't work. Another problem is that now he got a girlfriend for a year already but things didn't change regardless. I talked to him and he said he is with her just because he got used to be with her and that he wants to break up with her constantly. Last month I spent back in my country in his city and the night before I was leaving I met him, we talked about lot of things and had wonderful night but after that we stopped talking because he is still with her and I am still in another country. He is saying all the time that he feels like we are going to be together in the future and that he would give anything if i Didn't need to leave him that time. I am happy in new country but i truly love him and I know he is the one so I am thinking if I should go back home and be with him or what? Thank u all!💕
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