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  1. I am really sorry to hear all this. You know what ? People who do this are internally broken. Please do not look forward to his message / response. Please please do care of your heart. This person deserves no respect. He has no idea how to leave a relationship gracefully. It is going to sound a bit harsh may be, but believe me you have dodged a bullet. He would have made your life terrible ahead I am sure. With time, you will heal. You will be all shiny and bright again. I am very sorry to hear this experience of yours. Do not let your heart be too heavy. For the longer term he is at loss. He
  2. Thank you very much for writing and sharing your personal life. Really appreciated. I did not mind her getting assigned a different team but its just that her behavior is very strange. I don't get insecure if my girl has male friends or coworkers she is working on projects with. I have had girlfriends in the past. I am really upset seeing that she has total disregard for me. She clearly places me on the backburner and fills her time with someone else. This should not have happened at all. Yes, I am worried about her gossiping with me. The teammate she is working with me is also very gossi
  3. Hi, I am writing this primarily as a request for a boost and secondarily for an advice. I found this place to be a safe space for anyone to open up. This new girl joined my office four months back. I (male 26) was her first friend here. We quickly became close friends. We used to chat all day long. I used to help her through everything. I was also her first-go-to person as well. In a matter of three months, we developed a very strong bond. She used to complain to me about the rest of the people being boring and not cooperative. We would gossip a lot. I was there for here and with her all
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