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  1. Thank you for the advice. This is going to sound crazy but he lied about dropping out. He got on new medications and felt like he needed to test me to see if i’ll stay through anything. He didn’t even tell me, I found out and confronted him. How do you deal with a partner who has mental problems like this. Am I bad to say it’s becoming too much for me even if I love him?
  2. I forgot to mention he’s really motivated and wants to start multiple businesses here. He said he’s going to grind from now and get everything started. He always talks about business so I know he wants to really do it, but is that enough to believe him now? He says he’s done lying because we finally met and he realized he loves me so much more.
  3. I met my boyfriend on a dating app January 2020 and we talked non-stop since then. He lives in Chicago and i’m 11 hours away from him. We still started dating in August since we both fell in love. We have a lot of fights and almost broke up multiple times but we always make up and solve those issues(temporarily at least). He has bipolar disorder and just started going to therapy. I saw him for the first time last week (April 2021). It was amazing and everything I wanted but today( he left) he told me something he’s been hiding. Apparently he dropped out of school 2 years ago and the whole time
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