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  1. Yeah, could be! I don't know his side, but maybe. We feel pretty close already - it's been very different dating someone after knowing them for a bit, and not just that, many of my friends know him and everybody loves him. I know he smokes here and there, and he just had a really long day and wanted to relax, so he smoked a bit. I'll see what happens for sure. 🙂 So far he's a prince.
  2. Just to make one thing clear: He was not driving high! That wouldn't be acceptable, as any other instance of risking others. You guys are absolutely right and I'm with you 100%. Thanks so much to all of you, it really helped me understand that I wasn't exaggerating and it's a relief. As a side note, he's a good and very considerate guy, I think he didn't think it through. He did apologize and even when I said it's okay he said 'no, it's not. I wasn't thinking about you'. So, hopefully he understood the issue, and I'll wait and see what happens from now on. ❤️❤️❤️
  3. The guy I'm dating came to my place high on weed, without bringing anything to make me match this state of mind. He apologized honestly but I felt weird about it all evening and didn't want to touch him. Was it right of me to be upset? (I don't have a problem with being high, just that he came high on his own and I felt weird sitting next to him when he's in such a different state of mind than mine)
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