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  1. Yeah, could be! I don't know his side, but maybe. We feel pretty close already - it's been very different dating someone after knowing them for a bit, and not just that, many of my friends know him and everybody loves him. I know he smokes here and there, and he just had a really long day and wanted to relax, so he smoked a bit. I'll see what happens for sure. 🙂 So far he's a prince.
  2. I was a bit upset by him not thinking about the consequences, but that went away after he apologized, and then I was left bothered by having different states of mind. It was weird for me. About the weed, he doesn't have to bring me anything, I could bring some too, but if he comes high at least bring some so I'm not feeling weird. I know 100% that it's not an issue at all for him to bring some, just like I could if it was the other way - we share stuff like that. It's also the way our friends are. I agree. I actually have low tolerance for clueless guys. (Although they deserve love and compassion too. Just from someone with more patience than me :)) He's not like that at all. He's been 100% a true gentleman in everything else. Just a simple mistake, it happens. (Not like he showed up wasted at my doorstep, although it might sound this way.) It's really easy in today's culture to be judgy. We all make little mistakes sometimes, and some are very uncharacteristic of us. As long as it's not a pattern, it's all good 🙂
  3. We live within walking distance. 🙂 Thanks! I'm glad too! ❤️ I've known him from before we started dating, and I know he meant no wrong or disrespect. It's important to be able to forgive and understand, especially after an honest apology, and also since he's been super considerate in everything else we've been doing ever, and with other people too. I understand what you're saying, although I do believe in communicating non-verbally too. Sometimes you need to say things clearly, and I do that often, but sometimes expressing it in other ways is enough, it depends on the case. Since he apologized and I expressed my discomfort, I think he did get the point. If anything like that happens again, I'll be sure to say something clearly. 🙂
  4. Just to make one thing clear: He was not driving high! That wouldn't be acceptable, as any other instance of risking others. You guys are absolutely right and I'm with you 100%. Thanks so much to all of you, it really helped me understand that I wasn't exaggerating and it's a relief. As a side note, he's a good and very considerate guy, I think he didn't think it through. He did apologize and even when I said it's okay he said 'no, it's not. I wasn't thinking about you'. So, hopefully he understood the issue, and I'll wait and see what happens from now on. ❤️❤️❤️
  5. The guy I'm dating came to my place high on weed, without bringing anything to make me match this state of mind. He apologized honestly but I felt weird about it all evening and didn't want to touch him. Was it right of me to be upset? (I don't have a problem with being high, just that he came high on his own and I felt weird sitting next to him when he's in such a different state of mind than mine)
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