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  1. We dated for a year. Travelling to each other countries every month or so. In march 2020, I had to leave Canada after 4 days since they went into lockdown. It's hard not to be tough on myself as I did turn cold, but it really was the only way I could cope with not seeing her. I feel like I've really f**ked things up. She said she still loved me up until a month ago. Basically when she started seeing this new guy. I feel so lost. Betrayed (even though I did split up with her 6 months ago). It's got to be my ego that's took a hit here and I just want her out my mind!
  2. Since March 2020, me and my ex girlfriend haven't been able to see each other because of covid. She lives in Canada and I live in the UK. In October, I broke things off as I thought it was the respectable thing to live our lives and have the opportunity to meet other people in these unknown times. We couldn't see each other and I felt helpless. We remained really good friends after this, but as a coping mechanism for not seeing her, I definitely did distance myself. Over 2 weeks today, she told me that she's seeing somebody and that we should remain friends. It's been a rollercoaster of emotio
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