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  1. @Andrina@SooSad33 @Wiseman2 @Rose Mosse umm.. I see none of you had a long distance relationship what so ever so thank you for your opinions but they lack a lot of empathy. though what I meant with help was things like normal issues at school failing a test maybe or getting in a fight with one of your friends .. a pet dying for you.. like things you say to comfort them when it happens of course i know all i can do at the moment is communicate when i can but i was asking if some body else felt like me that they are helpless cuz of the distance. and i am sure i didn't mean "help"
  2. Hey, I started dating this angel since the beginning of covid-19. it has been hard for her specially she is younger than me 5 years younger. and we are from different countries and so far away from each other like there is an ocean between us. but i really love her and she does too i had so many relations before her so i know this one is true we are together for almost 2 years now since 2020 as i said. the problem now is in the distance i am planning to meet her when i can but this can happen so late cause i still have military or army to go to also i am feeling helpless cause i
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