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  1. Yeah, I agree with you. I used to look at dating as just a game with the winners being the ones with the most options, having the most sex, or turning down the most people. Dating and relationships were just a means to sex, until eventually the pair just becomes comfortable around each other. Then, I had sex and it was waay below my expectations. I was deluded into thinking that nothing could be gained from dating anymore. What added to that belief was the negative things I would hear surrounding dating and relationships from friends and family. But, I guess I exaggerated the negatives a
  2. Wow, you make a very good point I never looked at it that way.
  3. Well I have heard from some women in person, online and from friends of friends who have told me that they usually look for men who make the same amount of money or preferably higher. The Pay for dates part I have heard from friends and occasionly online (but mainly from the hispanic community not sure if it is exclusive to that group). The "interested but not too interested" and being treated poorly part was from my brothers which they claim they learned from experience, and heard from some friends. This part might have been poorly paraphrased and would be better said as "being too nice". And
  4. First off, I appreciate the response. You answered one the questions I didn't ask directly. Which was if I had realistic sex and dating was. I think you are right about the my experience with the sex workers. I think I didn't enjoy the sex because I wasn't comfortable. If I knew or cared for the person it would be alot easier to relax during the experience. Tinydance, "If you don't want to date it's your choice but why have you just given up on yourself? Why don't you like yourself? Why don't you believe that a woman would want to be with you?" I haven't given up o
  5. I have been thinking of going to therapy once I switch to better insurance plan that will pay for larger portion of the price. I feel like I have good friends until I have to talk about something deeply personal. I don't have anyone I feel comfortable talking to about these things and the few times I have tried my friend or family member either fails to listen properly, belittles my issues, or just throws solutions at me before trying understand how I feel first. And, I end up feeling worse.
  6. Ironically one of the biggest reasons was because I was terrified of stds. I never really put myself out or tried flirting or dating or anything. Than in college I didn't really want a relationship. And I never really been able to imagine myself being attractive to female. I have seen stuff online about what women want in a man and I have like only a small percentage of it. During my first date it was pretty obvious she was in to me, but I never felt like I deserved it or understood how she could be into me. Almost like there had to be something wrong with her for her to be attracted to me.
  7. Already got tested after waiting the appropriate amount of time, and tested negative. No, it isn't legal where I live.
  8. AMP Virginity Story I originally went hoping for handjob. After the massage she asked what I wanted. I spontaneously asked for a bj . She claimed I had a "long" (but not thick) penis. I couldn't feel anything over the condom during the bj. Plus it lacked technique or enthusiasm. She asked again if I wanted intercourse. I agreed because the bj was bad and it looked like she really didn't want to do it. Given my "long penis" she signaled until what point she could take the penis, and told me to try not to go to deep. Seemed about 4 to 5 inches only in my opinion (I thought these ladies
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