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  1. Hi all just wanted some general dating advice and experiences from people who have been in similar position. It's fair to say I have been on my fair share of rubbish dates and been through the ringer a bit in terms of rejection and dating. I understand rejection is part of it which is fine but probably things like being stood up on multiple occasions with pathetic justifications like "my mum asked me to do something" lol or being canned after 1 date and the like, I am struggling a bit to really find good avenues to meet the right person. For some context about myself, many peopl
  2. Thanks all for the advice/replies, I generally agree with the premise of everyone's replies disappointing end but nothing I can really do. Since then I have been seeing other people but we did end up exchanging conversation over text again which went fine and it was just light and fun no real hard feelings....what was strange a bit was the conversation had sort of ended from my end anyway and my last message was on like a Thursday afternoon which didn't really warrant a reply nor did I care if she didn't but she ended up replying at 1:30am on a Saturday night and I sort of look at it a bi
  3. hi everyone, just wanted to see what different people's opinion's are on this brief situation...I started dating someone recently that I met through an online dating app where we really hit it off from the start and then turned out we actually lived literally around the corner from each other, know the same circle of people but have never met until we matched. Anyway, have been on 5 dates over a month or so and everything was going really well.After the last dinner date the next day she messaged me to go for a walk with her and we spent another few hours together and we both had plans tha
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