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  1. I know she wouldnt do this just for fun,or to make it easy for herself. Shes not that type of a person. She would cut me off completely on all socials,to make it easier for both of us.
  2. Thank you all for the replies! The only thing i dont understand is why she keep sending me messages and pictures (snapchat) if she knows its harder to move on like that. Also if i reply she leaves me on seen or reply just hours later. Seems like she doesnt want to cut every form of communication. Im just generally confused because she knows its harder for me but i know 120% shes like one of the best humans. I know she wouldnt play with me like this,shes not a person like this.
  3. Thabks for the answe. We've been together for 1.5 years.
  4. Hey!! My(M25) ex girlfriend (F20) broke up 5 days ago. Our relationship ended because a few reasons. I would start i am a music producer/dj and relatively succesful. I hit a major longer period creative block that affected my mental health. At times no matter how hard i wanted to create,i couldnt create,and it made me so stressed and feel helpless that i stonewalled everyone around me for hours.This happened a few times. These mishaps went through Fb messenger every time.I couldnt deal with the situation,and i was cold with her on socials. I said im sorry and im not mad on her
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