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  1. You and Lambert are both right. I don’t know how I could know after four dates. Maybe I am still not over the broken engagement. It did feel like it was moving wayyy to fast with him and that was probably stemming from him coming on hot and heavy to get over his recent breakup. more time is what I need, and thats painfully obvious. thanks for the replies!!!!
  2. Yea Lambert I guess you are right. I wouldn't want to miss out on someone that truly was in it for me. Me and my f’d up brain lol.
  3. Hey everyone!! So I meet this guy online and we went on like 4 dates. I FELL HARD for this dude, (I know what you are saying 4 dates, really??). When we were together it was perfect in every way, I finally felt like I met my guy after going on multiple dates that never worked. Anyways, we touched on our past relationships and he said he was 3 mos out of a relationship. My guard immediately went up and I thought rebound, right? So, the other day he calls and essentially told me he needs to take some time for him because his head was all over the place and he still had feelings for h
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