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  1. I actually referred to him as a friend once and he asked me, "Wait are you friendzoning me?" I guess we're in a sort of 'more than friends, less than lovers' situation. Hence my confusion - he said he didn't want a relationship yet his actions speak otherwise. Or does he just want female company? Because honestly I am not offering any relationship benefits to him.
  2. Haha I think you didn't read my entire post. I told him I won't have sex with anyone unless I am in a committed relationship and in the 8 weeks we have dated we never did anything past kissing. Pretty sure if he really wanted to use me for sex he would've ghosted me by now because he knows I stand by my own values.
  3. Yup I definitely will ask him but maybe not until another 3-4 weeks later because we both have important events coming up and I don't want to mess up either of our emotions lol. Thank you for your advice and if he still isn't interested in a relationship with me I will definitely drop him immediately. Really don't need my self-esteemed to be damaged once more!
  4. I told him about my other dates because he kept asking me if I was seeing anyone else so I just told him, no ulterior intentions, just a funny bad date story as he told me a couple of his own in the past too.
  5. I want to, but I am afraid of humiliation because this could all just be me reading too much into things lol. Don't want to creep him out.
  6. Yeah I know guys tend to chat *** a lot so I feel kind of dumb for reading too much into this. I just don't want to be led on thinking there could be more to this relationship and get my heart broken. Thanks for your take tho!
  7. Been seeing this guy I met from a dating app for about 8 weeks now (we're both in our 20s). We're still very casual but gotten to know each other on a deeper level gradually. He told me early on he is unavailable for a relationship right now and just wants to 'have fun' and 'see how things go' with me. I told him I was also just casually dating at the moment, but would want to settle if I find the right person. I also made it clear to him I will not do anything sexual with him past making out because I only get intimate with my serious/committed partners. Even though i like him a lot, I don't
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