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  1. I found out my husband had downloaded and paid for a month of premium for both Bumble & Tinder. When I confronted him about it he claimed it was done in a drunken moment. I am hesitant to believe that he drunkenly went into the app store, searched these apps, continued to fill out information to join the apps, then PAY for premium, and still delete the apps all in the same drunken night. He has gaslit me before about me feeling jealous and suspicious of a "friendship" he had with someone that ended up being an emotional relationship with another woman in the hopes that he could get laid while I was away at college. I forgave him then and he continued to go behind my back and message her years after claiming he just wanted to reach out. After finding out about the recent Bumble and Tinder incident I told him its something im not going to let him live down. Especially since his story is so vague. He claims he's ashamed of it but he act like he's more upset I found out about it. Today he got curt with me when I brought it up saying he would rather forget about, implying he would like me to forget about it. I dont even know how to feel about or toward him anymore and I feel like his regret is not enough for me to forgive and forget this. Drunk words are sober thoughts.... it just makes me wonder how he feels about cheating on me sober since he was so easily inclined to do it (or attempt to) drunk.
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