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  1. We both have jobs, a house, 2 cars. Im not a crack head and I dont do acid all of the time. I grew up with drug addict parents taking care of my brother and Im not like that. Ive went to doctors for my depression and tried every one of the medications so my only option with them is etc. Im terrified of that. Thats why I do psychedelics every so often. Im done writing on this I wish I could delete it because its made me feel just as bad but now I dont feel crazy i guess. Its not a bad life but a bad day, my life is literally bad and I try to fight it and I just need to accept the fact that ther
  2. I brought it up after her talking about her body issues with her sister. She got really upset screaming that its not how she thinks anymore. That I am making her feel even worse at her lowest moment dealing with her body stuff and our lives. That she watches everything she does to be the perfect gf for me. That she cant even talk to her sister around me bc I keep throwing sometihing back in her face that shes not even doing. We fought over a gun. She said she wanted to kill herself and I hid it and laid on my stomach. She said this was 5 months ago and im still holding it in her face trying to
  3. Long story. We do trips on acid which are beautiful and sensual. Weve been together 6 years and its the best relationship ive ever had. She tries to work on things and have our relationship be healthy. She deals with body issues and so do I. Most of the time we are symbiotic. She asked last year if her sister could move in because she was having trouble. She moved in july of last year and was supposed to leave october then december and now its in limbo but they are looking for an apartment. I said yes because duh family first. SO we had tripped on acid quite a few times before this situation.
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