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  1. We went out on Thursday last week. I mentioned to her last night that I was planning on going to a castle in the town we live in and she asked if she could come along too.
  2. She wants to get rid of me, by getting closer? OK
  3. Bit of an update: She's now she's scared of me because she likes me "too much".
  4. She might have wanted to see me, I don't know?
  5. I did and it went like this: Me: "Not anymore. How are you" Her: "I'm OK. You?" Then another back and forth and that's it...
  6. This was last night, right, and I left earlier because I was knackered and kettled - around 6am. I went to bed and then at 11am I saw her message. Missed opportunity?
  7. I would like to get to know her, date her, and then who knows.
  8. She works for the company that neighbours mine. For the moment, she's someone I like, but would also like to date.
  9. I sent her a quick text Friday asking her out, and her response was "Hey With pleasure. I'm not sure of my work schedule for next week, I will let you know". So, to me, that's a rejection, but then that very night we're having sex and we spent most of Saturday at her place. Should I wait until she texts me? Should I move on? Should I text her?
  10. It is now she’s told me about this other guy... it’s unclear if he’s a boyfriend or another guy she’s courting. And we ended having oral...
  11. It really is beautiful and old here. I don’t think there are concerts just yet, but I think there may be a nice light show in one of the main parks. A picnic would be nice yes.
  12. It’s a rooftop that gives onto a large part of the old quarter of Lisbon. Yes, I agree there are other things to do and I’m grateful for the suggestions and I will definitely consider them if anything more comes along
  13. Yes, she told me that she doesn’t yet have her planning for next week. She also mentioned her and her colleague have had emails randomly deleted and her pc has broken again. Thank you for the suggestions, I especially like the farmer’s market idea, and who knows we can cook a small meal together?
  14. It’s a rooftop bar with a stunning view of the old quarter of Lisbon including São Jorge. Hell, if it goes well we can do other stuff(?)
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