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  1. Come on man, I was *asleep* at *4am*.
  2. she's obviously having a meltdown
  3. Ex boyfriend now. So this is how it’s gone. Her: “But Aaron are you really leaving??” Me: “Yup. Why do you care?” Her: “Do you have 2 mins?” (I didn’t answer. Thought I’d wait till tomorrow - not because I want to play games, just because it was 11pm and I was tired) Her, at 2am: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to bother you, I just wanted to talk about what’s going on. My door is always open, especially for you. Whenever you want to come” Her, at 4am: “You know if you don’t want to talk, you can just tell me”
  4. This is our text conversation: Her: "But Aaron are you really leaving??" Me: "Yup. Why do you care?" Her: "Have you got 2 mins?" I haven't answered Her: “I’m sorry I didn’t want to bother you, just to talk to you about what’s happening. You know my door is always open, especially for you. Come when you want”
  5. Suddenly, the girl from my first thread on these forums sent me a message "But (my name) you're really leaving??" I resigned from work on Monday due to the complications with my dad, and i'm busy planning my trip back to see him. Why the *** does she even care if I'm leaving? We haven't spoken in weeks...
  6. I used to pull all nighters with work at 7am three days in a row. Right now, with COVID this isn't possible anymore unfortunately, and I don't think my body can handle it anymore anyway lol
  7. Thank you very much, I appreciate that
  8. So she said she'll get in touch when she knows what time Thursday. I will leave it at that. I've now got to plan my return tickets and all back to France which is a pain in the arse because I'm not vaccinated, need a COVID test under 24 hours and so I'm thinking of taking a coah back which is 15 hours...
  9. Right, yes, it does seem to be who she is.
  10. Yeah exactly. I've had girls in the past jerk me around and try to change my schedule to fit theirs. That's why I ask them what their schedule is like next week so that I can pick a day that suits her and I and set a definite date. As soon as she started telling me that we might do it later but she doesn't know that she might be able to do it earlier... I've got no time for that at all. What do you mean by 'flighty' btw?
  11. if she bails on Thursday, I'm not going to bother asking her out again. I've had to resign from work so that I can go take care of my dad in France who just had a serious bike accident.
  12. Yeah, it used to be like for me too, but you know with COVID about things shut at 9pm here, and going out for 1 hour is lame as.
  13. She's really not being clear with me. She's like she can do Thursday but she doesn't know if it'll be 8pm (too late for me) or way before. I just said "Cool! Well let me know how your Thursday ends up looking like or otherwise we'll just do it some other time". It's taken 4 days and there isn't a definite date. I'm not wasting my time anymore
  14. OK so I told her I was free Thursday and set it up at 7m at X place. She told me she could make it then, but she also asked if I was free another day. I told her I'm free Thursday and Friday at the same time. So I'll leave it at that and see how she responds
  15. It just seems odd, especially nowadays, to not have internet access. I admit I'm wrong for overthinking this. I sent her "Great! let me know when you've made your plans for this week and we can set up something fun then :)" Her reply: "What would help is you tell me when you're free then I can slot you in lol :D"
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