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  1. Thank you I needed to hear all of that!
  2. The weird thing is, I’m not afraid to be alone. I’m already doing everything myself. I think I’m just dreading starting over. before him I was married for 12 years and it didn’t work out, and dated for a few years after. It’s just overwhelming to think about letting someone in again, and going through all of the things that come with dating. at this point it’s like I’d rather just not be with anyone or try.
  3. No I would never treat him, or other friends like that 😕
  4. It didn’t start out like that, when he went through what he did, he needed me and I helped him through it. He was going through a really deep depression, and honestly I stayed because I thought it would get better, that he was acting the way he was because of what happened and he would eventually move on from it. But he’s stuck in the past it seems. also, I guess I’ve been holding on to the good. He doesn’t always treat me bad, he makes me laugh, he buys me gifts, we have a lot in common, we have fun when we are together. He’s my best friend. I know I deserve to be treat
  5. I think you are right @Cheetarah Since our dynamic has suffered for so long, and he’s not good with affirmation, sometimes I feel like “come on you gotta give me something”. I guess it’s a little weird, when we are together everything is really good that’s maybe 2 days a week... when we are apart which is most of the time, I don’t feel connected. I’m a successful single mom... he doesn’t make a lot of effort to be a part of our world when I’m not around. Maybe my frustration comes from his lack of effort and also knowing that he can send a dirty snap to his group chat every morning but can’t s
  6. My bf(28) and I (34) have been together almost 2 years. About 4 months into our relationship he went through something really humiliating to him involving friends back home spreading lies about him, and ever since he’s never been the same. To this day he’s held onto it and wants revenge, even though he hasn’t seen or spoken to these people in over a year. to add to that, he’s grown very cold with me. We don’t have sex anymore even though I ask, he doesn’t make plans for our future, he doesn’t pay much attention to me. He refuses to get any sort of help. And just says he’s different n
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