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  1. No concerns about covid just generally making plans and not being available I think. No issues with my friends, just generalized insecurity at times.
  2. Kind of weird to just leave the relationship over small things, everyone I know has troubles bigger than this. Not sure where you are coming from?
  3. Yes she's always been quite insecure and doesn't have many friends, so I think when I meet my friends she feels left out like I haven' thought of her and to be honest I meet up with friends for drinks maybe once every 6 weeks or something if that!
  4. Hi all! I have been with my girlfriend for 2 and a half years, we've had ups and downs, but recently she keeps saying I dont compliment her enough and we speak different love languages. We spend alot of time together every weekend, but if I arrange to see friends it causes drama of why that weekend I was going to plan something which makes no sense to me as how am I meant to know she is making a plan if she didnt tell me, she says we think differently? I cant read minds and I am my own person knowing we are in a relationship how can we think the same about every weekend? Its bee
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