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  1. No I haven't, he just replied to me said he isn't into dating at all, then why did he ask me out for a date the first time we talked and why did he try to sext with me
  2. I deleted his number, I want to see if he cares enough to check up on me ... Look I know I should not be obesessing over this but I really really liked the guy for a very very long time now, I remember playing an online game with him in the last lockdown, I mean I've liked him for a very long time, and for some unfathomable reason I thought we'd be great together, he would have been super happy with me tbh, bcoz I care for people with all my heart. But now I really feel like he doesn't care for me and maybe I was just another fling he wanted to have, and he doesn't want to have anything deep w
  3. I mean why did he not reply to me, does he respect me that less, I don't know where did I go sooo wrong that the idiot doesn't even feel I deserve a proper answer
  4. Update ... I sent him a hi from front two hours ago to which he immediately replied and he told me he wanted candles for his home decor to which I agreed and I told him that he needs to stop ghosting me for hours to which he said "hahahaha" ( like what is he Santa ?) And then I told him that we could be great friends or even date without pressure but I need communication from you, he read it and didn't reply and he's constantly online ... I mean I feel disrespected and amused at the same time, any mature individual would reply even if he had to break my heart he would ... I don't know what to
  5. Update ... We spoke yesterday well it wasn't much talking, he wished me "goodmorning sunshine" at 12 pm and I corrected him " good afternoon" and he asked bout our date and I genuinely had to attend my cousin's birthday celebrations so I told him that I'll meet him in a day then we spoke about my farm house and he replied properly and now again he just abruptly stopped replying and it's been 24 hours we haven't spoken and I can literally see him online all the time and it's killing me I don't want to seem desperate by initiating conversation what should I do
  6. Guysssss thanks everyone for replying @limichelle @boltnrun @SooSad33 @Hollyj @melancholy123 @Lambert @rosemosse @MissCanuck @Wiseman2 let me clear a few things, I'm a very secure person but yes I do get attached very fast, the thing is, I've never been attracted to many men in my life and all the men I ever liked fell head over heels for me, and yes he's a public figure but he's a celebrities best frnd and I look 1000 times better than him, I too am an influencer I belong to an affluent family and I've always had good secure loving people around me, I've never even flirted with anyone in my e
  7. @misscanuck I don't get attached to fast, it's just that I've ways craved for a guy who'd love me and adore me and none of my past relationships were that way, the guys were all good but nobody would go out of their way with gestures and affection and this guy seemed like he would because he's so warm to all his friends on social media I figured he would spoil the heck out of his girl too and now I feel maybe I'm not worthy of that .. I mean I'm beautiful and confident and talented but not one guy approached me not one .. so there's no hope .
  8. @MissCanuckbut he weren't interested why'd he talk about wanting to kiss me so much 😭
  9. @SooSad33, I know him, he's kind of a public figure and we have so many common interests, and always made me feel like he was interested in me, he's just not talking to me much since yesterday evening, what should I do it's making me mad and sick to my stomach
  10. @SooSad33 Ive known him for a year now, we talked as friends before, he is very intellectual and he also asked me out on a date before but I never got to meet him because of the lockdown and we just stopped talking but I wasn't able to forget him, so I recently messaged him and we started to talk again and now he's not talking and I'm a mess
  11. I have been having this huge crush on this guy I met on instagram, he's just the way I wanted my guy to be, now we exchanged numbers and started texting and he's a total flirt and I'm a little shy but I flirted back a little so that he doesn't find me boring, we texted the entire night day before yesterday, and also we were exchanging texts yesterday till the evening, when all of a sudden he stoped talking to me, he's on a holiday with his friends so I figured he must be busy, I texted him from front he replied, we spoke a little and then again he stoped texting me, and again I messaged him an
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