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  1. I never said that my boyfriend was "creepy" and I never said that I wanted to leave him. We have a house together and we are very happy. They are close because she is the product of his sister's teenage pregnancy and they all lived in the same house when she was younger, and the home was very small. He has never harmed her. She thinks of him as a father figure, as he has basically helped to raise her. It's more so just breaking that boundary.
  2. When I first met my boyfriend, he lived at home with his dad. My boyfriend's niece was 7 at the time we met. She frequently slept over at their house and would sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend. I found it strange, especially since he sleeps in his underwear. Well, it's 2.5 years later and we now live together. Our niece sleeps over pretty frequently. At first, she asked to sleep in bed with us. It never happened, although she would sleep below our bed on the floor. Typically, she now sleeps on the couch. I went out of town for the weekend to visit some family and my boyfriend stayed home.
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