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  1. I'm scared to tell them, they're nice people and all but I don't want them to worry. I know this is stupid but I can't help it, yknow?
  2. I've been friends with these people for a while now and they've done nothing but embarrass me, make me feel horrible, and make me feel uncomfortable. One of them, let's call him Two, has been making jokes about dating me and having s*x with me. Each time he makes those jokes I feel myself crumple in on myself with complete distraught and disgust. I've always tried to distance them from any of my other friends since I'm scared that other people will hate me for being friends with them They constantly say the r-slur, make homophobic jokes at times, and tend to make jokes that they label "dark humor." They are the epitome of edgy teenage boys. Recently they decided to raid my friend's minecraft server after I accidentally showed them the IP for it. Two and a few other ones kept talking about how they were dating me. At one point Two said that he was "f*cking me on Tuesday nights" and the other one said that he joined in. I tried to stop them, I kept telling them and asking them to leave. At one point I was sobbing. The one thing I didn't want to happen was happening. I then blocked them on every single thing they could contact me on and I haven't talked to them since. Until Two made an alt account and asked me to unblock him. He said that he didn't mean for that to happen (despite the fact that he was the one who said the horrible things) Anyways, I'm scared. These people are insidious. They can make as many alt accounts as their twisted hearts desire, and they will never stop. I'm scared of what can happen, I don't want to lose any of the actually good friends I have because of them. Help me.
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