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  1. Tinydance - I don't think she wants it enough to get divorced and have to go through finding another man and, at age 43, she's running out of time. In my mind, the best solution is to adopt a child, if young enough, will always have known you as his or her mother. Granted, he or she is not HER baby but then we have the blessing of knowing we are giving a child a life with loving parents that he or she may not have had. I guess for me it's not important that the child is mine biologically as they are already too many people on this planet. To me, it would be wonderful to raise a child
  2. Wiseman2 -- no, her residency not affected -- she's about to get her U.S. Citizenship which is overdue because of COVID delaying it. I certainly made clear what life would be like here as I explained everything about my daughter, my work, my home, the area I live in, etc. I know because I once went to live abroad myself and so I know what it's like to pick up and move to another country. In my case, I wasn't moving to marry someone but because I was going for work. We haven't been talking about divorce -- I don't think she wants that and neither do I.
  3. Hi, this is my first attempt to seek advice so I hope for the best. I am a 55 year old father of a 21 year old autistic daughter and I raised her on my own since she was five till she was sixteen when I remarried to my second wife. Her biological mother was from the Philippines (and became a U.S. citizen) decided not to be much in her life since she moved to far away to make seeing her a regular thing. My daughter's autism is both intellectual and emotional disabilities so she still has temper tantrums when things don't go her way. After getting divorced, I did try to meet Americ
  4. I was on the other side -- I was a single father with one daughter -- who was/is autistic. I too found it impossible to meet women who would entertain the idea of a relationship with a guy with a child of special needs. They just didn't want to take on the burden of someone else's kid. My first marriage was with a woman from the Philippines and the only blessing from that was the birth of my daughter. After many years of trying online and looking for someone on my level -- I even flew to Denver, Colorado to meet a woman who also had a daughter with special needs. But it didn't work o
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