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  1. Definitely open to single dads.
  2. Well one of them I knew from high school (as I am back in my home town, which is a college town I may add...not the best dating options anyway) ...so he just kind of reached out to me and we realized we both lived here. The other one I met out of town.
  3. So....I was hesitant to post here....but I am very open to advice, criticism and encouragement, etc. I want to know, truly and honestly if a 30 year old single mom can ever find love. Corny question it may seem, but I will describe myself and my concerns. I am, as I said 30 years old. I have one five year old daughter from a marriage to my ex husband. I have a Master’s degree and make almost 60k a year (I wish money and degrees didn’t matter in the world, but...they do). I am good looking in my opinion, and have been told so by many others. I have had no luck in my almost four years being divorced (not that I was looking right out of divorce but the hook-ups still seemed to occur as I’m human). Anyhow, I took two situations seriously (men in my age group) and they are now both with women with no children...this makes me think that I will always, compete with or come second to women without kids (as there are many of those now even past age 30) for a good man. Not saying the men I chose were the definition of “good” but they were who I wanted at the time. So, I guess...am I SOL? What do I do? Let me know thoughts, opinions, advice. No sugar coating! Thanks!
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