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  1. He asked me on a date for the weekend and then poof... nothing he normally texts me everyday
  2. He knew this going on dates with me but he continued to do so smh!
  3. He wasn’t trying to date me at first then he told me he was interested after getting to know me
  4. Yes he was very specific I like you. I really do. But you’re too good for man like me. Your young, smart, and you work hard. You have all your *** together and no kids. The whole world is yours and you deserve to be with someone with a clean slate. “
  5. I love myself I just seen this pattern and most guys don’t talk because they lost interest
  6. I’m not sure myself honestly i feel like he doesn’t like me
  7. I haven’t yelled or anything like that but i am trying to see where this is going. He’s great as far as coming to see me but i do want communication at least once a day
  8. We see each other at least twice a week
  9. We talk everyday. I’ve been seeing him since March 24th
  10. Feels like I’m [24F] being played with [28M] Guy I’ve been seeing normally texts me every day even if it’s small talk. But, he went the whole weekend without saying a word to me which was odd. He apologized and texted me this “ i wanna see you it’s been a few days. And I feel like you think i don’t want to be with you. I love being with you nobody treats me like you” am i being played a fool by him?
  11. He offered three times which made it pushy to me
  12. How am i contradicting myself .. I’ve been with numerous guys that have smoked he’s the only one that has offered me to smoke with him
  13. Im not confused i just told him i like him it’s just i don’t want to smoke with him I’ll drink with him though lol
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