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  1. as my schedule for the week is now stuffed, should I appoint exact day for the next week as the date time and invite her to place of my choice? I could tell her that this week unfortunately can't meet with her and if she agrees maybe next week? good idea or not? ( I am actually really busy, even if she initiates the date, I am not sure that I can this week)
  2. unfortunately I am not a native English speaking person, so I can't really translate our conversation word to word. but you know what, you are absolutely right. Now that I think about it, my way of asking her out was extremely vague
  3. update: I actually did ask her out, but we did not meet eventually. When I asked her, if she wanted to hang out, she actually said yes, but also said that her schedule on that day was very overwhelmed, so all we could do, grab some lunch together and that's it. The following day I was waiting for her message, she apologized that due to her schedule she could not meet that day and said that we could arrange the meeting later this week. I replied "okey, if you have free time, just message me" and that was it. I am fairly positive ( even if I speak in the past tense, everything happened actually today) it was her way of saying no, but I can't be sure. If she does not message me during the week, it would be absolutely the worst idea to tell her to hang out again, right? Not, sure, if she's actually interested and will write me first
  4. She does not as she told me that she’s looking for one ( in a funny way). I’ll try to ask her tomorrow as it’s her final day or message her later that I want to meet with her.
  5. Update. She’s leaving the work. Moves to other place. Should I take up on this opportunity or leave everything as it is? I know, childish thoughts I have but maybe I just need to give it a try?
  6. Hello folks. The most generic and most answered question in my opinion, so sorry for that. Long story short. I had a topic here about my coworker, who gave me some books as a gift and I wanted to know if it was okey to give her something back, just to make her happy as I had no intention to ask her out. After few weeks, I realised that I have a huge crush on her and actually want to date her ( or at least have one dinner to get to know her better ). The thing is, we work together and I have no idea how things may work out. I am certainly not afraid of being denied, but I am afraid of consequences. I know that unless I don’t try, I won’t know. We are just on a good terms. That’s what I want to know, if you had similar experience dealing coworker, how did it work out for you? Or is it even a good idea to ask your coworker out, with whom you baisically spend most of the day. Thanks in advance and sorry once again for just generic question
  7. Unfortunately we both have a day off on the same day. And our work environment is not really an office like. We baisically see each other few times a day on the smoke breaks or lunch breaks. I’ll try to ask her casually on a date, if she agrees that’s fine, if not, I may have to ruin our current relationship
  8. Thanks for your answers. That’s precisely why I am refraining from asking her out. We baisically spent most of our day at the work ( not together though) so it would a bit awkward I suppose. But w/e, I’ll ask her out to grab a coffee on our day off. Let’s see what she says
  9. Hello folks. I'll make this question short. There's a girl at my work whom I think I fancy, but have not really given a thought, as I don't really need a relationship at the moment ( or I may be wrong ). Some time ago I ordered a book and courier brought it to my work place. This girl is very outgoing and has fairly good personality. got interested in what kind of book I got and kept asking question regarding the book. By the end of our shift, she brings the book that she's been reading and gives me as a present. saying that she no longer has time to read it and assumed that I liked reading, hence gave the book as present. Since then, she's brought few books to me and I kindly accept her gifts. Now I want to make her a nice present as well, but don't want it be in a weird romantic way. I may be attracted to her but there's been absolutely no signs from me, that I may be interested. So my question is, if I get her some sort of jewelry, would it weird and raise some red flags? I just want to make her a pleasant gift that's it ( not in a quid pro quo way )
  10. Hello folks, I probably already know the answer to the question I am about to ask, but will give it a chance Not a big fan of online dating, but after moving to a new town I gave Tinder a chance and met one girl. Started chatted on instagram and things seemed to go well but then her replies became seldom. Once, she wrote an apology saying that can’t write frequently because of her job. It was understandable, untill it took her whole day to reply vaguely to my messages. I told her, that I respect her job and her time, but if she did not find our conversation interesting, we’d go seperate ways. She did not reply for a whole week, but whe she did, she completely ignored my last message and replied to another one. We kind of started chatting again. This time she seemed more open, it was like she invited me to ask her out, so I took the chance and she agreed, Said it would be good for her because of her schedule (she finishes her shift very late). We agreed on time, I said I would give her adrress the following day and everything seemed to go well, untill the next day, she replied with the text, I am deeply sorry, I thought I told you, something urgent came up, something along these lines. Me being complete idiot, said it was ok, what about another time. Now it’s been several hours and still she did not reply. I know very well that she has 0 interest in me, but why does she come back after some time and starts chatting like she’s actuslly interested and wants to meet me? Sorry form such long post, and for my english
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