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  1. Yea the reason im joining is to get away from my parenst but as well as the benefits. However i plan to serve roughly 5 years and while i am go to a trade school(or maybe in the military) to become a pilot. So when i get out ill apply to fly for an airline
  2. Wish i could but unfortunately he's out of the picture
  3. My biological dad is completely out of the picture so i just live with my mom and stepdad.
  4. Im looking into the airforce and i havent contacted a recruiter yet because my school says to not reach out till june 20th for some reason. And im unsure of what trade i want to do
  5. Thats the thing people in family know about the things he does and obviously they have to keep their mouth shut because "they arent the parents". And i honestly have no idea why she puts up with it.
  6. My mom doent have much say whatsoever. She doesn't want to argue with him when it will ultimately get her nowhere. And after i graduate i plan on joining the military
  7. When i do to reach out to her she always explains to my stepdad that hes to harsh but he just gets mad both at her and myself and things continue to be the way they are. As for how long hes been in my life thats been since the age of 3 up until now. I dont regard him as a father figure since all he worrys about is criticizing me on what i do in every aspect of my life. He has another son from a past relationship but since he had only certain visitation rights it was not too good. So i see him as being bitter that he wasn't able to raise his own biological son so he does to me what he would've done to his son. (And on a side note he is always home.) And yes i do plan to move out as soon as possible hopefully join the military.
  8. No i cannot serve my own food. I have to be served like im still a child because somehow he "always gets cheated out of the food proportion" My mom gets mad and tells him it ridiculous but in the end he always wins.
  9. I plan on joining the military and moving out as soon as possible. My mom just goes along with it because if she says anything it just makes my situation worse and its like a never ending cycle
  10. My family isnt suffering finacially and he doesnt work and hasnt worked in years.My mother is the one who provides. Its a simple matter of control with the food
  11. Did you read the first part where i said he did this before the pandemic? And i honestly don't care to go into the covid subject
  12. apparently you didn't read the part about my family still associating with other people like having them over for birthdays. So really it has nothing to do with covid just control that's all. Another thing is he does not work hasn't worked for years so he isn't providing for the family at all just my mom. Thirdly my family isn't struggling financially my mom works as a nurse so we haven't faced any problems with affording food. And on a final note i dont paint my stepdad as a bad person... he is i'm not the only one in my family who thinks hes ridiculous
  13. Even before the pandemic started my stepdad has always been an a-hole. From not letting me hangout with friends in over a year to taking my phone away simply because i forgot to take the trash out. Its always some ridiculous excuse to not letting me do certain things. Other Examples are like me getting in trouble for eating to fast. Like who the hell does that. I literally have to time myself everytime i eat so i dont get in trouble. And its not just me my sister a year younger than i (keep in mind im 17 going on 18 in a couple of days.) also has to deal with his bs ways. For example if either one of us want seconds he gives us a hard time because "we only eat seconds of certain dishes" And on top of it condemns my sister because of her weight even though she really isn't that big. Its the things like these and more that make me want to retaliate and do something like run away. But ultimately it would do nothing but make my situation worse. But i think what ticks me off the most is that i haven't seen none of my friends in over a year. His reason being because of covid but that's complet bs because we have people come over to my house to celebrate holidays and birthdays. If he cared so much about getting covid he wouldn't have people over at all. Its honestly just a control tactic to make sure i cant do anything at all except stay home where i can be monitored at all times. And with graduation coming up and people hosting private events like prom i doubt i can even celebrate and enjoy the time i should have with my friends. I just want to what peoples opinions are on this.
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