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  1. Did your ex boyfriend tell you they loved you? Did you ever feel that they loved you when you were intimate? Could you see it in their eyes? I’m just curious, as I’d like to know how you’re convinced the didn’t.
  2. Thank you. This is the kind of response that I needed. Very supportive and understanding, and not putting worsts i. To my mouth and making presumptions about me. You understand what I wrote and can see it like me. Yes, there was fundamentally no hope for us. I have definitely accepted this. It is just easy to look back at the good memories that still exist. But it is also easy to look back at the negative ones. I just want to forget everything.
  3. Also, Batya33, our relationship lasted 9 months. We would see each other most weekends and spend the weekend with each other. Just some more context.
  4. We agreed to exclusivity, just not boyfriend and girlfriend titles.
  5. That’s the thing though, it wasn’t a case of her picking and choosing when she was available to me. We were somewhat joined at the hip the majority of the relationship. She was generally very loving at times and we were in somewhat of a relationship. When she heard that I was still seeing someone at the beginning of the relationship she was hurt by this. But we never brought up the talk and I always thought that INITIALLY she was keeping her options open yes, and she gave me signs that I shouldn’t “put all my eggs in one basket”. It seems she was just never ready to have a serious talk or labe
  6. For sure, I’m glad it’s behind me and finally over. I felt really good before meeting her. I was happy to be alone and enjoyed my own company. I wasn’t really looking for anything but it just seemed to happen. I can already feel the emotions that I felt before with myself. I lost that during the relationship. I lost myself a bit. She was often trying to change me and control my emotions. Awk well, it was a great learning experience and I learned a lot about myself and what I want from a partner in the future.
  7. Personally I don’t think there was lack of interest. Lack of respect yes. We wouldn’t have continued for 9 months if she just wasn’t that interested. She wouldn’t have bothered continuing on when I kept breaking it off. Do you not think that people try and sabotage relationships when they’re just not ready to be there for someone else? She did so with her last two boyfriends and now me.
  8. For sure I did, there was light throughout the relationship and I was blinded by it. I was never really trying to show them my value. At times I did feel valued but at times I did not, but they were such small instances for me that I was able to generally blow it off as it didn’t affect me on a tremendous level. I just considered it her problem that she may eventually deal with, something coming from a deep insecurity of herself. I don’t think there was lack of interest. She invested in the relationship. She told me she was trying to open up but I wasn’t helping her. I think this was
  9. I would like to share my story, as I have been lingering on this forum for some time now, as well as a couple of others. I had always hoped it would be a success story after our break up but unfortunately it didn't work out that way (you probably wont be surprised). Please excuse the length of this post. It's going to include a large history of this relationship. The information is going to be littered with negatives, as its hard to forget them. It's easy to bring them up as the events around them were generally positive for the most part and not worth mentioning. Writing this down
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